How to teach a child to speak english at home


This post covers aspects of child development and learning for four lớn six-year-olds acquiring English as a second or foreign language.

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It is quite a challenge for a small child to lớn go out into the world alone!

Children aged 4-6:

– Are new to school– Cannot analyze language yet– Have limited motor skills– Have limited reading and writing skills in L1– Learn holistically– và probably don’t see any reason to learn English!

First, offer reassurance. Khổng lồ reassure your preschool pupils, smile, get down on their level, be gentle. Be patient while the children get to lớn know you over several lessons.

Also reassuring is familiarity. So, use plenty of classroom routines, lượt thích opening & closing rituals, circle time, story-time, & familiar chants và songs. These are reassuring, all-inclusive group activities. In addition, use friendly toys & puppets as props.

So that children feel part of a family, group them at tables rather than using individual desks.

For effective child development và learning, help your learners by breaking down their challenges into easier chunks. Since 4-6-year olds cannot analyze language yet, so there is no point in attempting to lớn explain grammar or parts of speech. Instead, teach vocabulary và chunks of language. For instance, whole phrases lượt thích How are you? và the reply, I’m fine thanks, are perfect.

Rhymes, songs, và chants are reassuring to lớn kids because they can join in without feeling vulnerable; they can pick them up gradually through many repetitions, join in with meaningful actions, and create a bond with the group through this communal experience.

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Chants are fun and easy khổng lồ make up. For a sure-fire success, invent chants with your pupils as characters in the chant. For example, Here is Juan, he likes football, kick a ball, kick a ball, kick, kick, kick. Here is Mercedes, she likes music, sing-a-long, sing-a-long, sing, sing, sing.

Have all kids join in with the actions for each person. You will see how chuffed they are when it is their turn!

Songs are brilliant teaching tools. Kids can pick up chunks of language, participate through actions và play games to lớn music. A classic song like ‘Old Macdonald Had a Farm’ has been a hit since it was composed in 1917! Wow, over 100 years later, this folk song isn’t even out of date! I guess farms, cows, sheep, pigs, và horses are common worldwide. This tuy vậy is handy for long-vowel sounds, like moo, baa, và ee-i-ee-i-o. My own version of this classic tuy nhiên is a great improvement on some of the soulless plinkety-plonk renditions online. Và I always laugh in the final chorus with all the animals joining in enthusiastically!

Listen lớn this lively extract of Old MacDonald Had a Farm from Teaching English Songs Album 1

Use this tuy vậy as background for musical games and fun tuy vậy activities. You’ll find lots with this tuy vậy Album. In addition, play music in the background while kids vì simple crafts lượt thích making farm animals typical for their country.

Preschool kids’ motor skills are limited so avoid scissors và keep crafts simple; otherwise, you will be flat out doing the crafts for 26 kids yourself while everyone gets frustrated! On the other hand, colouring, gluing, và tracing around letters help children develop eye/hand coordination and fine motor skills; and they can get on with these on their own, leaving you không tính tiền to supervise.

Their reading and writing skills are limited in their native language, so rather than flogging them lớn read và write in English, it’s better to focus on listening & speaking activities. However, if teaching reading & writing is an obligatory part of the curriculum, then make sure that it is fun. For instance, use reading và word recognition games such as these:

kids match written words to objectsplay musical word flashcardsrun và touch written wordsfind another pupil with the same worddraw words out of a box & sort them into pilesspot the difference between two similar wordsact words.

Tracing over letters and words is an excellent way lớn gently introduce writing in English.



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