How to use google meet for teaching online classes


Google Meet is an amazing resource you can use for online learning. If you already use Google Classroom, teaching online with Google Meet should be pretty seamless. We’ve created this “Google Meet for Teachers” guide lớn help you get online quickly to lớn meet with your students & further build those relationships.

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Get access through your school

Schools that use G Suite for Education can access Google Meet’s advanced đoạn clip conferencing features that include: up to lớn 250 participants per call, live streaming, and meeting recording.


By default, G Suite for Education has Meet turned on. If Meet was turned off, you can turn it back on.

You have access lớn Google Meet only if your school uses G Suite for Education. If that is true for you, go khổng lồ , click on the waffle buttons at the đứng đầu of the screen, and choose Meet from the drop-down menu.


Set up a Google Meet

Hot tip: Schedule a practice meeting with another teacher or friend so you can practice using screen sharing và the chat function. This way you can work through any hiccups before you’re ready to start with your students!


Schedule your first meeting

Once you feel comfortable, you can schedule your first meeting. You’ll start by creating the meeting & nicknaming it. Then head over khổng lồ Google calendar to add it lớn the specific day/time of your meeting. You can set it as a recurring meeting for several days or weeks so that kids have the same links to click on.


Once you’ve made sure the meeting nickname, date, và time are correct, you can showroom conferencing information. This helps specify the details for the Google Meet and will auto-populate the information needed for the meeting.


Share the Google Meet

The meeting is phối up, now it’s time to tóm tắt with students. Copy the meeting id và click over khổng lồ your thư điện tử or Google Classroom to tóm tắt it. Even if students don’t have gmail accounts, they will be able to click on the liên kết and attend the meeting. In Google Classroom, create an assignment, and địa chỉ the meeting information. This way students will get the meeting reminder the same way they get assignment reminders.

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Google Meet with your students!

The time has come khổng lồ finally see your students in real time. There are a few ways for you to start the meeting. Shortly before the meeting is scheduled to begin:

open the calendar meeting item & click on the meeting link,click on the waffle button và go directly to Meet, orgo to the meeting link in the email or Google Classroom assignment you created earlier

Create a thoughtful plan for an online learning experience

This đoạn clip is great for helping you think through how lớn use Google Meet lớn make online learning more accessible and engaging for your students. You’ll quickly find that though some things are more difficult when it comes to lớn online learning, whereas other aspects make the learning experience automatically differentiated và compelling.

When everyone logs in for the first time, you’ll want lớn spend some time making sure everyone’s audio and video clip are working. It’s also a good idea to go over clip conferencing etiquette & expectations.

Record your Google Meet

You will probably want to lớn hit the record button so students can access the session later. Some school districts even require recording the video for child safety considerations. Teachers can record when signed in to lớn their G Suite tài khoản (such as Gmail). Students cannot record.

Important things to cảnh báo about recording your Google Meet:

Recordings include the active speaker và anything that is presented.Recordings are saved khổng lồ the organizer’s Meet Recordings thư mục in My Drive.An email with the recording liên kết is automatically sent to lớn the meeting organizer và the person who started the recording.The recorded liên kết is automatically added to the Calendar event.If a participant turns on live captions during recording, the captions won’t be recorded and don’t appear when you play the recording. For more about live captions, see below.

Meet everyone’s needs

Google Meet has some cool options for adapting your Google Meet for people with different abilities. Need live closed captioning as people talk? It’s in there!

Up your game

Now that you understand the basics of Google Meet, kiểm tra out integrating all kinds of apps while you teach. Here are 18 Amazing miễn phí Sites & Apps to Use With Google Classroom.


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