10 Super Useful Tips To Teach Yourself English


English is the official language in over 50 countries. It is estimated that over 1.5 billion people around the world speak English. You know that English is an important language in the global community, but maybe you don’t think that it is important to lớn teach it khổng lồ your young children. Think again. In fact, you should teach your kids English as early as possible.

There are numerous benefits of learning English at a young age, so get started today! We’ve compiled some great resources to lớn help you.

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Why – & How – to lớn Teach Your Kids English Now!

Most kids will learn English at school anyway, so why should you take the time khổng lồ teach your children English at home? There are lots of reasons!

Teach your kids English khổng lồ get ahead of the curve

Most children start learning English in middle or even high school, between the ages of 10 & 14. At this point, they learn languages in a formal setting, & grades are the sole motivator khổng lồ excel. Homework, tests, & grades (results-focused learning) can actually discourage children from language learning. Often, classroom methods favor one or two learning styles và leave out children who learn best through tactical or physical exercises. This is where getting an early start is essential. When you teach kids English through play, songs, or relatable cartoon characters in a comfortable & low-pressure environment, they develop a genuine interest in language rather than one based on thử nghiệm results. This curiosity translates lớn excellence in the classroom later on.

Not only this, but studies have shown many benefits to lớn teaching young children a second language. A study by the Cornell Language Acquisition Lab found that children who know a second language have longer attention spans & are able khổng lồ block out distractions more easily than those who only speak their native language. These skills are indispensable in school & later in life.

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Children who learn English at a young age will also be more mở cửa to new people và cultures, & will undoubtedly have more career opportunities in the future thanks lớn their language skills.


More Tips from Luca

Luca has lots of experience teaching languages to lớn his own children. His oldest son, who just recently started going to lớn school, already knows three languages! Watch this video clip (right here, or on our YouTube channel) for more tips on how to lớn successfully teach a language lớn your children. The đoạn phim is in English, but there are subtitles in six languages if you need them.

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Now that you have the knowledge and tools needed to teach your kids English, what are you waiting for?