7 best movies for young kids to improve english at home

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You have been professional from the start and always answered my questions promptly. I also really loved the two teachers I was assigned. I will certainly be recommending you lớn my friends in the future. JULIANNE CASSIDY – British

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The teachers were very responsive khổng lồ my learning progress & took the necessary steps for my progression, building on my strengths as well as tending to lớn my weaknesses. JIM SEELY – American

Reverse process

When children learn English, or a new language from a very young age, all the language-generating abilities of children are still limited, not fully và completely developed khổng lồ speak yet. This raises concerns among parents whether their child is receptive to what is being taught because they only listen without responding. In fact, lượt thích the way your children learn their native language, it takes some time for them to lớn speak. They have heard their parents và relatives speak before, so they has gradually formed. Similar khổng lồ English, children need time to absorb, memorize, in an osmosis manner. Then, what has been heard will be transferred lớn the spoken language. If the learning process of an adult is: Learning the rule -> producing -> remembering, then for children, the process will be: acquisition (remember) -> understanding -> producing -> studying rules.


Not actively learn

However, there is a weakness in the children that parents should be aware of, that is, they will not actively learn English và also forget very soon, so it is essential that parents should help her repeat frequently what they have learned. Not only does it help your baby remember in a long time, but it is also a way for her to express what she knows.

Parents should be aware of these khổng lồ better understand their children’ learning style so that they have the right way khổng lồ teach English, khổng lồ avoid constraints or force learning to lớn be counterproductive.