Flashcards for little learners

Feb 8, 2022 If you want to lớn improve your child’s development, using learning flashcards for toddlers can be extremely helpful for their articulation & vocabulary skills. In fact, many speech therapists và teachers love to use them during their therapy sessions. This blog will show some of the different ways you can utilize flashcards for speech therapy.

When Can You Start Using Flashcards for Kids?

Parents, you can start using flashcards when your child is as early as six-months-old. While that might seem a tad early since a baby can’t read, research shows exposing babies lớn flashcard activities can be beneficial for giving them visual stimulation và also improving their overall cognitive development.

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Indeed, for many of us, when we think of flashcards, we picture ourselves holding up a card, reading a word, & getting our toddlers to repeat it; but the truth is, there are many learning activities parents can vì with their kids when using flashcards.

Two are Better than One: Flashcards with Educational Apps

Speech Blubs 2 is a speech therapy ứng dụng with hours of fun practice activities. Squeeze the app into your daily flashcard routine khổng lồ improve speech và language learning in preschoolers.

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Letters of the Day

Flashcards that focus on the letters of the alphabet are perfect for this activity. After putting the cards in a bag or a hat, have your toddler randomly pick out three lớn five cards. As they select these cards, get them to say & repeat the letters they’ve picked.

You can also mention other words starting with those letters. (For example, “A is the letter of the day. A is for apple, alligator, ambulance, etc.”)



Having your toddler tìm kiếm and match cards is not only fun but doing so can also improve their memory and attention span. As they match và pair up the cards, make the behavior stick by praising them, và while also getting them lớn talk about the pictures or colors they see on the flashcards.

Scavenger Hunt

Who says you can’t create an indoor scavenger hunt using flashcards? It can be entertaining và lots of fun for your toddler. If you have flashcards about shapes or letters, place them in different locations & help your little ones find them by giving them clues. As they find the cards, encourage them to talk about the pictures, shapes, or colors they see.

Do-It-Yourself Flashcards

Don’t have any flashcards? It’s okay. Create your own at home. Whether you choose lớn make flashcards about shapes, letters, or colors, you can motivate your toddlers to decorate and màu sắc their cards while also working on their speech.

You can also create flashcards about daily routines or target sounds, too. Making your own makes each thẻ a source of pride or a thing to lớn look back on and talk about. If you’re feeling uninspired, there are plenty of free printable flashcards online for everything from number flashcards, sight words, lớn those more advanced cards teaching English, và more!

Some recommendation on flashcards you can buy for your toddler:

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