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Getting children to read fluently is a process that can take up lớn several years. Children will have to go through 4 stages from reading, elementary reading, intermediate reading to advanced reading. A child"s reading process lasts from kindergarten khổng lồ second grade. Some children may develop skills earlier or later than others.

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Learning lớn read is a process that can take years and each child will develop his or her skills at a different rate, however, most children progress through the four basic stages of reading. A child may be an avid reader before he or she develops basic reading skills if he or she does most of the following: Plays with books like toys but doesn"t yet understand that there are stories inside Has been exposed to books and enjoy listening khổng lồ them, but vị not yet understand that the pages contain words that correspond to lớn a story Attracted by the bright colors and illustrations contained in books, but vì not understand that the pictures depict a sentence stories Can"t identify any words or letters on pages Pretend to write with pencil or pen Enjoy looking through books và magazines for yourself to lớn encourage, cốt truyện books with your child and find out what to read for children lớn understand. It"s best to lớn show your child books or magazines with an alphabet that includes rhymes và words, vivid illustrations, và stories that you loved as a child.
Children are beginning lớn learn khổng lồ read if they do the following: Need pictures on each page to lớn help tell the story Can name letters of the alphabet and know many letter sounds Remember remember books & try lớn read them again và again Read aloud clearly và without pausing for punctuation Detects an unknown word & can pronounce the first part, but then rewrites the rest or skips the word Many preschoolers can reach this cấp độ of reading, with one of their key skills being the ability to distinguish between the sounds the letters make. Lớn help your child develop reading and listening skills, spend time reading with them. This is a great source of motivation khổng lồ help children make progress in the process of learning to read. Talking khổng lồ your child about pictures, pointing lớn words as you read them, và reading everywhere you go (road signs, store signs, etc.) to the next level.
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Children are gradually improving their reading skills as well as their listening skills if they do most of the following: They can read fluently with only a few mistakes, but sometimes they may have khổng lồ stop to pronounce words Use pictures và contextual link from the rest of a sentence khổng lồ figure out the meaning of a story Come across an unknown word, often can figure out the meaning based on context Can answer simple questions about the story Sometimes reads aloud clearly và pauses at most punctuation Likes new books, reads simple books on his own và needs help from others grow when reading more difficult books Many parents often wonder, vị children understand when reading books? In fact, by the time children enter 1st grade (usually between 6 and 7 years old), they can understand what they see in books. Children at this stage can match letters with sounds and speak spoken words with their written words. to help your child perfect this skill, the most important thing you can do is give your child the freedom khổng lồ read. Allow children lớn choose their own books, which can be read anywhere they want (to the extent allowed). Children at this stage need to practice reading independently as much as possible. The best way lớn encourage children to read more is to let them read whatever they want, which keeps them interested.
Children can read fluently if they can vì most of the following: Read smoothly Read books in chapters and can fully understand most or all of the stories Likes books without pictures Look up an unknown word or asking for its meaning và usually remembering it the next time a child sees it Can answer questions about material và share feelings and thoughts about a story Reads aloud clearly , with a full understanding of punctuation và rhythm Read books by chapter and show interest in longer, more detailed stories
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Many children can read fluently by 2nd grade. At this point, children no longer have khổng lồ carefully pronounce each word. Reading becomes more active & able to make sense of the stories children are reading. to lớn strengthen your child"s reading skills at this stage, try khổng lồ play with them in their own way & spark their creativity. For kids who love khổng lồ read, create a family newspaper or create your own bookmark. For those who learn through stories, find time khổng lồ tell stories online & offline, or create opportunities for children khổng lồ read stories to lớn others. And for kids who love to lớn read through pictures, create a photo scrapbook & write captions describing what"s happening in the picture lớn reinforce the association between the picture và the story. In order for children to develop well và comprehensively in skills, parents should also pay special attention lớn the nutrition of young children. Parents should supplement their children with supporting products containing lysine, essential micro-minerals and vitamins such as zinc, chromium, selenium, và B vitamins to help fully meet the nutritional needs of children. At the same time, these essential vitamins also tư vấn digestion, enhance nutrient absorption, help improve anorexia, & help children eat well. Parents can learn more: Signs of zinc deficiency in children Micronutrient deficiency & failure khổng lồ gain weight in children Please regularly visit nhatroso.com website & update useful information to lớn take care of your child. Take care of the baby & the whole family.