How to teach the multiplication tables to your child


Hoping to lớn make the multiplication table for kids easy & interactive? Leave it to lớn us! Mastering the multiplication table for kids is a crucial part of their early math education. Learning the multiplication table 1 – trăng tròn is a must for kids in elementary school. These tables help kids solve multiplication, division problems easily và also help in learning other advanced mathematical concepts.

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Multiplication is one of the four basic arithmetic operations & a concept that we use often in our daily lives. It helps kids learn how khổng lồ make fast calculations và improves the kids learning of math. But teaching the multiplication table for kids can be a difficult task. Here are some of the best ways for kids to lớn learn multiplication tables easily.

Multiplication Table For Kids From 1 lớn 25

One of the easiest ways to get children to lớn learn the times tables is khổng lồ help them memorize the tables. Here is a danh sách of all the multiplication tables for kids from 1 to 25 khổng lồ help kids learn them quickly.

Tables 1 lớn 20
Tables 1 khổng lồ 10
1 Times Table6 Times Table
2 Times Table7 Times Table
3 Times Table8 Times Table
4 Times Table9 Times Table
5 Times TableTable of 10
Tables 11 to 20
11 Times Table16 Times Table
12 Times Table17 times table
13 Times Table18 Times Table
14 times table19 Times Table
15 Times Table20 Times Table
Tables đôi mươi to 25
Table of 21Table Of 24
Table of 22Table Of 25
23 Times Table

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Tables 10 to 20Tables 1 to lớn 12
Tables 11 to lớn 30Tables 1 khổng lồ 15
Tables 12 to 15Tables 1 to 25
Tables 12 to lớn 20Tables 1 to 30
Tables 13 to 20Tables 1 khổng lồ 40
Tables 15 to lớn 20Tables 1 to lớn 50
Tables 15 to 25Tables đôi mươi to 30
Tables 15 to 30Tables 21 khổng lồ 30
Tables 2 to lớn 20Tables 41 lớn 50
Tables 31 lớn 40100 Times Table

How khổng lồ Teach The Multiplication Table for Kids

The multiplication table is not something that most kids will sit down lớn learn willingly. The best way khổng lồ teach the multiplication table for kids is lớn help them learn through games & hands-on math activities. Here are some fun games và activities that make teaching the multiplication table for kids a fun & enjoyable activity.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Which child doesn’t enjoy a trò chơi of rock paper scissors? Here’s a twist on the classic trò chơi of rock paper scissors to help children learn the multiplication table for kids. In this game, kids put up fingers instead of those 3 elements. 

For example, if one kid puts up the number 3 using their fingers, and the other player puts up the number 5. The person who’s the quickest to calculate the product wins the round. This game will make learning the multiplication table for kids easier.

Egg Carton Math: If you’ve got an empty egg carton at home, try this fun trò chơi to teach the multiplication table for kids. This is one of the best ways for kids to learn multiplication tables. Start by writing down numbers from 1 to lớn 6 in each of the slots. Next, place 2 marbles inside the carton, shut it & shake it. When you mở cửa it, you’ll find that the marbles would have landed on different numbers. All kids have to do is calculate the sản phẩm of those numbers!

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Paper Plate Multiplication: Here’s another awesome and creative way to lớn teach the multiplication table for kids. If you don’t have paper plates, you could try this activity using regular paper too. Write down any number you want from 1 lớn 10 in the center of your plate. Next, make 12 marks on your paper plate lượt thích a clock and write down the multiplication equation of that number.

For example, if you’ve chosen the number 4, you’ll need khổng lồ write 4*1, 4*2,….4*12, all around the plate. Next, place another plate under this plate with all the products of the multiplication table of 4. They should be written in such a way that the hàng hóa goes right under the corresponding equation. For instance, the number 4 goes under 4*1, the number 8 goes right under 4*2, and so on. Kids will have to move the plate on vị trí cao nhất to ensure the products match the multiplication equation.

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Lego Bricks Math: Lego bricks are not only fun lớn build with, but they also are great tools khổng lồ help children learn multiplication tables for kids.

For example, if you say ‘show me 3 rows of 5 lego bricks,’ kids will have to arrange the blocks in such a way that it corresponds to what you say. Then once they’ve finished arranging them, have the children count the bricks khổng lồ find the hàng hóa of 3×5.

Snakes và Ladders: Did you know that you could teach the multiplication table for kids using the famous trò chơi of Snakes & Ladders? You definitely can. First, write down various multiplication problems in each box. Then, roll the dice và move your piece lớn the right number of places. Your child needs khổng lồ then solve the problem that has been placed on that certain box! This is a great way to have some fun while teaching multiplication table for kids.Hopscotch: Teach the multiplication table for kids with a fun game of Hopscotch! Draw a grid and write down various multiplication equations in each grid. 

For example, 4*3, 7*5, etc. Roll a die for your child to lớn move a certain number of steps. Then calculate the hàng hóa of the values in that particular box!

Cup Stacking: Another great way to lớn make learning multiplication table for kids easy is with this fun-filled cup stacking game. First, write down a multiplication problem on each cup. Kids need khổng lồ solve the multiplication problem written on that cup correctly khổng lồ start stacking their cups to lớn build a tower. If they get the answer wrong in between, they need to start over again! Whoever manages khổng lồ stack the most number of cups the fastest, wins!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Multiplication Table for Kids

Multiplication tables are the mathematical operation of an algebraic system. Multiplication tables give the products of two digits which is called as a multiple & the two numbers are known as the factors. In multiplication tables, one number is written on the left và the other is written on the right.

Multiplication tables can be easily learned by memorizing the math times tables. These multiplication tables are a great way lớn teach children about multiplication và its fundamentals. When two numbers are multiplied together, either of the ways, the resultant multiple is the same. This is one of the easiest ways khổng lồ learn multiplication tables.

Multiplication tables can be introduced to lớn kids once they have finished learning the basics of subtraction và addition. They find it easy to learn the multiplication tables in an easy way when they have mastered the fundamentals of addition & subtraction. By the age of nine, you can teach kids multiplication tables.

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