Addition and subtraction activities for kids


The strategies below are just some of many that can be used to help your child memorize and recall addition & subtraction facts.

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The guidance & practice exercises in this section have been graciously provided by Susan Greenwald, MA Ed. Và are taken from her Two Plus Two is Not Five workbook. Learn more about Susan Greenwald here & the three books she has written on teaching math facts.

This section introduces addition & subtraction facts with a number of easy-to-use tricks that can be used together with the practice activities, to lớn help memorize basic facts. These tricks are listed below in pairs:

How to lớn Use These Resources

Follow these steps lớn help your child memorize basic addition và subtraction facts using the tricks from Susan Greenwald’s Two Plus Two Is Not Five workbook.

Teach each trick to your child và use counters (e.g. Buttons) to mã sản phẩm the trick making sure your child understands the concept behind the trick.Practice at least three times a week. Each trick begins with it’s introduction. Work through these with your child & then allow them to lớn try the practice activities.Encourage your child lớn use the trick’s name. This will help with recalling the trick & the related facts.Notice how each trick is followed by practice activities that cover the trick as well as activities from previously learned tricks; All facts are reviewed as new ones are learned.Work at whatever tốc độ suits your child.Use the Math Fact cards on a daily basis to nhận xét facts.

Note: Be sure your child can demonstrate the meaning of addition and subtraction before working on memorizing facts.

Number +1 và Doubles

Can you count to lớn 10?

Tell what comes next:

1 , ____3 , ____5 , ____7 , ____9 , ____
4 , ____7 , ____2 , ____8 , ____6 , ____
9 , ____5 , ____6 , ____4 , ____3 , ____

What is one more? Write the greater numbers.

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Go up lượt thích an elevator.

9+1= 108+1= 97+1= 86+1= 75+1= 64+1= 53+1= 42+1= 31+1= 20+1= 1

Practice Number +1 with your child. You can use this printable worksheet on which you can try the above steps as well as answer questions using the Number +1 trick.

Carry out the following two steps:

1. Look at the examples below và then try this worksheet lớn practice more with the Number +1 trick.

Look. These are the same.3161
+ 1+ 3+ 1+ 6

2. After completing the worksheets you can use these flashcards lớn help reviews and memorize the +1 and 1+ facts.

Trick: Doubles

Susan Greenwald MA Ed. Has degrees in special education from the University of Arizona và Arizona State University & she is an educator with over two decades of success teaching math facts & mathematics skills. Susan has written three math books directed at teaching mastery of the math facts and is a sought-after speaker & presenter.

You’ll find more about Susan và her work along with helpful advice on helping children to learn math on her math book website site.