Informatics: teaching clinical data management for populations and systems health


This 13 module (39 CE credit) course introduces nursing educators, scholars, leaders, và students to the theory, application, technical skills & process of integrating nursing informatics into nursing education and practice.

Practice includes learning how to customize the online environment khổng lồ teach a selected nursing topic. The principles of learning styles, adult learning, virtual pedagogy, e-learning, lesson plans, portfolio development, document sharing, assignment và test development will be incorporated and applied lớn the customization of the online learning environment within a select course management system interface.

This course is personalized, self-paced and taken entirely online in the privacy & comfort of your own trang chủ or office.

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Credits: 39 CE hours

Length: 13 modules

Tuition: $199 USD


This course is intended khổng lồ provide the learner with the opportunity to:Understand and apply theory related to virtual education, virtual pedagogy, learning styles, portfolio development, adult learning, lesson planning, human-computer interfaces, collaborative interaction, & critical reflection. Explore the dynamics of planning lessons, portfolio development, online teaching & assessment within a customized online learning environment for nursing. Apply principles of critical reflection, collaborative activities, online teaching and learning within a customized online learning environment. Customize an online course management system to facilitate selected nursing education environment development. Practice lesson planning, assignment planning và execution, application of learning styles to content development. Explore the use of online learning environments for instruction, critical reflection, decision making, collaborative projects, & networking Plan & customize an online nursing education environment within a course management system. Apply, engage in and assess the utility of this online nursing education environment Assessment Learners are assessed for their work on a variety of content-driven assignments including:

Forums Worksheets Journals
Goal Setting Self Assessments Planning Tools
Databases Quizzes Learning Space Development

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Upon completion, learners will receive a Board Approved Certificate of Completion for 39 CE credits in digital format.


Tuition is only $199 USD. Once registered in our secure commerce area you can select the course & pay using PayPal (to process your credit card, ngân hàng withdrawal or e-check payment), Company/Institutional kiểm tra or Money Order to register for the course. Please note, if you elect to pay using e-check, kiểm tra or money order, there will be a waiting period before enrollment, until the payment has cleared. Once registered, you will be manually enrolled lớn access the course within the learning management system, & your user name and password will be emailed to lớn you. You can register at any time, since this is a 1 to 1 course và is done at your own pace. Click here khổng lồ enroll in NRED 103 now!

Module 1: Technology và the Curriculum: Customizing the "Fit" Module 2: Planning Informatics Theory & Practice Components Module 3: Leveling Informatics Theory & Practice Experiences across the Curriculum Module 4: Selecting Theory & Practice Lesson Topics Module 5: Setting Objectives & Preparation Expectations in the Learning Environment Module 6: Classroom & Online Activities for Theory & Practice Module 7:Appealing khổng lồ Multiple learning styles in mixed Learning Settings Module 8: Planning the Delivery of Integrative nội dung Module 9: The Issue of Faculty Preparedness Module 10: Integrated Online Delivery and Planning Module 11: Practical Set-up of Planned Curriculum in the Virtual Setting: Pt 1 Module 12: Practical Set-up of Planned Curriculum in the Virtual Setting: Pt 2 Module 13: Practical Set-up of Planned Curriculum in the Virtual Setting: Pt 3.


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These completely on-line, self paced courses are approved by the State of California Board of Registered Nursing for full CE credit; CE Provider No. CEP 14891. Most State và Country licencing Boards accept CE credit approved by other State Boards. VERIFY LICENSE HERE.

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