Basic And The 40 Minute Limit


News flash – Zoom is now limiting không tính phí meetings to just 40 minutes, including one-on-one classes. Of course, you can simply upgrade to a paid plan lớn remove this restriction, but before you splash the cash let’s kiểm tra out five miễn phí Zoom alternatives for online teaching! As an added bonus, all of these are available in mainland china too.

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Ok this one is definitely our favourite so we’re sticking it right at the đứng top of this post!

Koala Go is a very exciting new platform designed specifically for online teaching, with loads more features Zoom never offered!

They also have an incredibly supportive development team, are constantly launching new features và run frequent webinars for teachers.


✅ No time limit for one-on-one or groups✅ Screensharing and annotations✅ Simple virtual whiteboard system✅ In-class chat/ messaging system✅ Record classes locally✅ WeChat mini-app for Chinese students✅ Easy option if you’re familiar with Zoom

Note however that VooV’s trang web states that usually there is a 45 minute time limit for group classes & no annotation tools on screensharing in their không lấy phí plan. These features usually require an upgrade, but during the coronavirus pandemic they have made them available for free plan users too. However, we don’t know how long they will continue to lớn offer these for không tính phí so it might not be a good option longer term…

AnyMeeting – best basic option

A less well known option, but a solid không tính tiền Zoom alternative! AnyMeeting has many of the vi xử lý core features online ESL teachers need, even in the không tính tiền plan.

✅ No time limit for one-on-one or groups✅ Screensharing with annotation✅ Host from computer, phone or within the browser✅ Basic attendance & chat reports

❌ Maximum of four participants in the không tính tiền plan❌ No virtual whiteboard system❌ No breakout rooms❌ No recordings❌ No out-of-class messaging

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Although AnyMeeting is relatively basic compared to the other options on this list, it could be a great choice for you if you teach small group classes & want a system which looks more formal (e.g. For teaching adults).

DingTalk is a Chinese business messaging & collaboration app – however, they also have an online classroom system, which was used by many Chinese schools during the coronavirus pandemic.

It is best considered a lightweight version of ClassIn rather than Zoom, but with no time limits!

✅ No time limit for one-on-one or groups✅ Screensharing✅ Advanced online whiteboard system✅ Upload files (worksheets, slides, etc) directly khổng lồ the whiteboard✅ Simple games: polls and timer✅ Record classes locally✅ Excellent out-of-class tools, particularly tệp tin sharing và collaboration (great for homework or collaborative projects)

Although the online classroom system in DingTalk is relatively basic, the out-of-class tools really help it stand out compared to lớn other không lấy phí zoom alternatives for online teachers. You can message your students, schedule classes, and share documents for them to lớn edit in the cloud. It is a little formal/ business-like, but would be a great option if you are teaching teens or adults & want to lớn take advantage of the ability khổng lồ collaborate on files.

Skype – best for conversation classes

Although Skype is remembered by many of us as an old, simple đoạn phim calling platform, they’ve actually launched lots of useful features recently and are a solid option as a không tính phí Zoom alternative for your online ESL lessons!

✅ No time limit for one-on-one or groups✅ Very basic screensharing✅ Basic online whiteboard system✅ Together mode (like Zoom immersive mode)✅ Record classes locally✅ Out of class messaging

Being totally honest, Skype is quite limited in terms of online teaching features. However, if you’re focusing more on conversation classes and your students already have Skype then it could be a great free Zoom alternative for you!

So which is the best free Zoom alternative?

Overall, we’d argue that Koala Go is the best option out there for most online ESL teachers, particularly if you are focusing on teaching kids – their fun platform, rewards system and interactive tools are really child-friendly! It’s also one khổng lồ consider as a paid option, with their pro plan priced competitively with Zoom but with much more useful features.

If you want something that is essentially a Zoom copy, then check out VooV or AnyMeeting, whereas if you teach conversation-focused classes then Skype could be a good lightweight option. For more whiteboard-focused teaching approaches (particularly if you’d lượt thích to upload files lớn collaborate on), check out Koala Go or DingTalk.

Ultimately though, it’s also important khổng lồ remember that as an independent online teacher you are also your own business – & sometimes it’s worth investing in the tools that make your business stronger.

So there we go – five awesome miễn phí Zoom alternatives! What’s your favourite, or vày you have any other recommendations? Feel miễn phí to nói qua in the comments ❤️