14+ simple activities to teach toddlers the alphabet


It is possible to teach the alphabet to children of a young age và it doesn’t need to feel lượt thích a chore – it can be fun!



If you’ve reached the fun time of teaching your child the English alphabet, let’s get started. 


In this post, you are going khổng lồ learn:


The goal of teaching the alphabet (and why it matters)The best way to teach letters9 playful ways khổng lồ assist with learning letters và letter soundsTeaching letter orderThe age khổng lồ begin teaching the alphabetMy journey with my toddler (video)




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Before we get into the ways to lớn teach the alphabet, let’s first chat about why we help our kids learn the alphabet (the answer isn’t obvious lớn everyone).




What is the purpose of alphabet teaching?

Alphabet learning is fun but taking the steps lớn help children recognize letters & letter sounds is a foundational skill that prepares children to begin reading.


You see…


Reading is the end goal.


Children learn letters so that they can build words và words are the building blocks necessary for literacy.


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Therefore, each activity, game, or learning toy you employ is a stepping stone leading khổng lồ the ability khổng lồ read. 


Knowing your kết thúc goal (big picture) is useful for management your approach khổng lồ teaching and assessing your child’s understanding. 



What is the best way to teach the letters of the alphabet & alphabet sounds?

We lượt thích to think there is a best way to teach and a best way to learn but each child is unique & each child has varying learning styles.


The important thing is to ensure you are teaching letter sounds (necessary for reading) and not just letters names while also incorporating various learning styles. 


Four common learning styles to lớn know about as you help your kid with alphabet knowledge include:

Visual Learning (seeing)Auditory Learning (hearing)Tactile Learning (touching)Kinesthetic Learning (doing và moving)



Currently, you may be unaware of how your child learns best; therefore, it is appropriate to teach by incorporating each of the main styles of learning listed above. 


The best way khổng lồ teach letters of the alphabet is with play because “Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.” – Diane Ackerman 


Thankfully, this can be achieved in easy ways with fun letter games, multi-sensory alphabet activities, và lots of play.



9 Fun Ways to lớn Teach The Alphabet lớn Early Learners 


1. Use Name Activities

Helping children learn the letters of their own name is a great start to lớn introducing letter recognition activities.

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PHOTO VIA ETSY shop – PlayWoodNamePuzzle


You can find dễ thương personalized name puzzles on Etsy. This shop has great reviews and reasonable prices. Also check out the personalized name Busy Books for kids learning their ABC’s.



2. Introduce Lots of Books

Books are our friends. I began reading to lớn my daughter while I was pregnant and the practice continued as she matured into a busy toddler. Initially, her attention was focused on the photos in the books but as time passed, she became more interested in the letters.


When I noticed her interest in the letters growing, I began to read & point to the letters and the words. When I did this, she’d mimic my behavior (as toddlers do) và soon she began khổng lồ retain the information.


It’s exciting to lớn watch children learn letters và books are a great way to introduce the alphabet. 



Read with your child as often as possible.Introduce a variety of books to lớn retain interest.


Also, we especially enjoy interactive books like the one below because the letters slide and photos are hidden.




Resource: 6 Ways to Get không tính tiền and Inexpensive Books for Babies and Older Kids



3. ABC Sing-A-Longs & Nursery Rhymes

The ABC tuy nhiên and other popular ABC sing-along songs may not be exciting for you but it helps children learn the alphabet without pressure. In our house, ABC songs have been sung hundreds of times.


At first, it was just learning each of the different sounds of the letters. Now, we use the songs as the building blocks for comprehension of other things like speed (fast and slow) và volume (loud và quiet).



Grandma gifted this piano. You think she wants to lớn get back at me for something?