10 tips to boost 1st grade math skills


Everything you need khổng lồ know about First Grade Math with Confidence. Includes an overview of what your child will learn, a downloadable sample, answers lớn frequently asked questions, and buying information.

In this article, you’ll find all the information specific to First Grade Math with Confidence:

How the program and lessons are organizedWhat your child will learnWhat you’ll needPlacement adviceWhere khổng lồ buy the books

For information about the series as a whole (or information on other grade levels), please see this article: Overview of Math with Confidence Homeschool Math Curriculum.

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Wishing you all the best in your teaching! Happy First Grade Math!

Sample lesson from the Instructor Guide. First, your child warms up by counting from 70 to lớn 100, naming the months, and practicing writing numbers from 11 to 20. Next, you teach your child khổng lồ identify pairs that make 20 on the ten-frame (in the context of sharing đôi mươi candies) and play Make trăng tròn Memory. Last, your child completes two quick worksheets (below).
Sample workbook pages for the above lesson. Your child practices the new lesson material on the front side (pairs that make 20) and then reviews previously-learned material on the back (subtraction facts, odd numbers, and triangles). What will my child learn?

First Grade Math with Confidence is a full-year, comprehensive curriculum that covers everything your child needs khổng lồ learn in first grade. She’ll learn to:

Read, write, & compare numbers lớn 100Understand place-value in numbers khổng lồ 100Master addition subtraction facts to lớn 20Solve addition and subtraction word problems with numbers to 20Use place-value strategies khổng lồ mentally add and subtract one- & two-digit numbersIdentify, describe, và categorize shapesDivide shapes into halves & fourthsCreate and interpret tally charts & bar graphsEstimate và measure lengthTell time to the half hourCount combinations of paper bills or coins

What materials will I need?

I’ve kept the materials list as simple và budget-friendly as possible: counters, pattern blocks, coins, play money, index cards, playing cards, dice, a clock with hands, a ruler, paper & pencils. (The pilot testers also recommended a binder with plastic page protectors for storing blackline masters & game boards.) If you don’t already own pattern blocks, you can find them online for about $15. Besides these, you’ll also sometimes use household items lượt thích stuffed animals, small toys, or crayons.

Pilot tester exploring symmetry with pattern blocks
The simple homemade Math Kit you’ll need khổng lồ teach hands-on lessons with First Grade MWC. (Thanks lớn Jane at Restoration Homeschool for the pic!)
How are picture books incorporated?

Each week includes an optional enrichment lesson with a picture book & real-life math application activity. These are completely optional, and you can include as many or as few as you want over the course of the year. Some families vị these on the fifth day of the week, some incorporate them into their Morning Time or read-aloud time, and some families just skip them entirely.

Keep in mind you don’t have khổng lồ drive yourself crazy tracking down every book. It’s perfectly fine to just grab a few math picture books from your library & read those instead if your library doesn’t have many of these titles.

Is my child ready lớn start First Grade Math with Confidence?

Most children are ready khổng lồ start First Grade Math with Confidence when they are 6 years old. Your child is ready if she can:

Count lớn at least 10(preferably higher).

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Write the numbers from 1 to 10. (It’s fine if they’re crooked or she sometimes reverses them.)Identify basic shapes, such as circle, triangle, và square.Solve simple addition or subtraction word problemsby acting them out with concrete objects.

If you have more questions about placement, kiểm tra out this article for more advice & answers lớn frequently asked questions:

Can I download a sample?

You bet! You’ll find the fullintroduction, scope và sequence, & materials list, plus a variety of lessonsfrom across the year so that you get a good sense of the program as a whole. Make sure to tải về both files so that you can see both the scripted Instructor Guide & full-color Student Workbook.

Will there be other grades? Is Math with Confidence a full series?

Yes! See this article for the release dates và more information on other grades.

Where can I buy First Grade Math with Confidence?

Print copies of First Grade Math with Confidence are available at Amazon, Well-Trained Mind Press, and other major homeschool booksellers.

Digital copies (PDFs) are available only from Well-Trained Mind Press. For the Instructor Guide, the pdf version will work fine as long as you don’t mind reading off of a screen. Just keep in mind that you’ll need khổng lồ print out some of the blackline masters in the Helpful Resources section at the back.

For the Student Workbook, I recommend the print version if at all possible. Màu sắc is an important part of the workbook—and màu sắc ink can be expensive!—so you’ll likely find it more cost-effective in in the long run.