How to teach teachers how to teach


Born to lớn Teach?

If you ask some teachers why they chose the teaching profession, they may tell you that they were "born to teach." In other words, teaching comes as naturally khổng lồ them as taking a breath; it"s a part of who they are. For others, teaching does not come as easily, but with the right guidance & support, they can become just as good at educating children.


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I would definitely recommend to lớn my colleagues. It’s lượt thích a teacher waved a magic wand and did the work for me.

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I feel lượt thích it’s a lifeline.

0:00 Born khổng lồ Teach/Initial… 1:26 Teaching the Teacher 1:52 Using Student Data 2:21 Professional Development 2:58 Mentoring và Feedback 3:58 Lesson Summary

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Initial Preparation

Teaching teachers how lớn teach begins long before the teacher enters the schoolhouse. The pathway to lớn being an effective teacher starts during the preparatory stage, when the teacher candidate is given the foundational support for classroom practice. There are at least two ways in which teachers can satisfactorily prepare for their classroom duties based on state guidelines: traditional teacher education preparation programs và alternative routes lớn certification.

Many of us who enter the teaching profession vày so by way of traditional teacher preparation programs. The traditional preparation programs are offered through colleges and universities và offer courses that are designed lớn give teacher candidates an overview of the classroom. Clinical & student teaching experiences are intended lớn give pre-service candidates an opportunity to apply knowledge from courses lớn real-world scenarios.

Alternative certification is designed for those who already have degrees and have decided khổng lồ embark on a career as an educator. Alternative programs are attractive because an individual can start teaching as a lateral entry teacher while completing course requirements in a much faster period of time.

Teaching the Teacher

Learning khổng lồ teach does not end once the teacher candidate graduates from his or her college program. Learning khổng lồ teach remains a necessary part of an educator"s career. There are still lessons to learn about the most effective methods for teaching và increasing student achievement. Many teachers leave the profession early on because they simply were not able to lớn deliver in the classroom. However, with a few good strategies và effective support, the pathway to lớn becoming a great teacher can be within reach for most of us.

Using Student Data

Using student data is an often-overlooked critical component of instructional practice. Teachers cannot vì their jobs effectively if they vì not use data to drive instruction. Student data should be an integral part of strategic planning, from lesson plans to gathering of materials to lớn use for instruction. Don"t be afraid khổng lồ ask for guidance if you have reservations about data-driven instruction. It"s better if you are honest from the beginning và get the support you need rather than miss an opportunity khổng lồ truly impact what you vị in the classroom on a daily basis.

Professional Development

Every chance you get, register for professional development courses, seminars và workshops offered by your district and local universities. Some schools cover the cost of professional development or at least reimburse the cost with proper documentation. The bottom line is that you will need to stay abreast on the current trends in instructional practices if you want to be on đứng top of your game. You can also network with other teachers and find out what they are doing in their classrooms lớn engage students và increase achievement. The best professional development workshops offer demonstrations of how certain techniques should look when done correctly, as opposed lớn assuming workshop attendees already know what to lớn do.

Mentoring và Feedback

It is common practice for new teachers lớn have a mentor assigned to tư vấn them in the first few years of teaching. Some mentors are very hands-on & actively involved while others are not. It may be in your best interest khổng lồ identify other seasoned teachers who can give you some guidance & are willing to mô tả some of their classroom strategies. You may even ask if you can sit in on some of their classes during your planning time to lớn see first-hand how things are done & take this information back lớn your own classroom. Certain strategies may have lớn be tweaked lớn accommodate the needs of your students, but at least you will have a foundation from which to build your instruction.

It probably wouldn"t hurt to have someone you trust observe you in the classroom & offer feedback about your teaching technique. This will really require commitment on your part khổng lồ not take the feedback personally but to use it khổng lồ improve your instructional delivery. Once you get feedback, you will probably want to lớn use it lớn make personal goals based on what was stated & make the necessary changes as indicated. It may be a good idea to have the person who offered the feedback return periodically lớn give you updates about whether your performance is progressing.

Lesson Summary

Teaching how khổng lồ teach begins during the teacher education preparation program but certainly does not kết thúc there. Teachers will continue to lớn need support throughout their careers in order khổng lồ improve their instructional delivery & maximize student achievement. Best practices for teaching teachers how lớn teach include using student data to drive instruction, professional development workshops, mentoring và offering constructive feedback. With proper support and strategies, you can be well on your way lớn becoming a master teacher.