How to not be a boring texter & keep your crush interested


Can you imagine sending out a letter lớn your crush and waiting for ages lớn get a reply?

Good thing we have texting!

You finally got your crush’s phone number. Now, it’s time lớn make your first move và create a lasting and, of course, a positive impression.

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Before you do, make sure that you are not a dry texter. If you are unsure of how to bởi it, read this article on how khổng lồ not be a dry texter.

But, what exactly is the term dry texter?

What is dry texting?

What is a dry texter? Well, it just means that you are a boring texter.

If you are trying lớn make a good impression on your crush, the last thing that you would want to vày is to lớn start boring text conversations. Don’t be surprised if this person suddenly stops replying altogether.

Even if your crush also has feelings for you, if this person finds out that you are a dry texter, then that’s a big turn-off.

Are you a dry texter?

Go and try to read your old texts and check if you have replies like, ‘K,’ ‘Nope,’ ‘Cool,’ ‘Yeah”, and if you have been replying after 12 hours or longer, then you are a certified dry texter.

Now that you know the meaning of dry texter, and if you found out that you are one, then it’s time lớn learn how not khổng lồ be a dry texter.

20 Ways on how not to lớn be a dry texter

Texting has allowed us to communicate with our loved ones và friends, but since we cannot hear the tone of voice of the person we are texting to, it’s easy to misunderstand each other.

If you are on the receiving end, và you read dry texts, how would you feel?

Together, we’ll learn how lớn fix a dry text conversation. Here are 20 tips on how to lớn not be a dry texter.

1. Reply as soon as you can

What would you feel if the person you are texting didn’t text back for 12 hours or more? The first tip on how to not be a dry texter is to lớn make sure that you reply as soon as you can.

Of course, we’re all busy, so if in any sự kiện that you can’t continue texting, instead of not replying, try to send a message saying you’re busy or you are currently doing something & that you will text after a few hours.

Make sure khổng lồ text back once done with your tasks.

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2. Avoid using one-word replies

“Sure.” “Yeah.” “Nope.”

Sometimes, even if we are busy, we don’t want to kết thúc the conversation, but we kết thúc up with one-word replies.

This is one of the things that you should never vì when you are texting.

The person you are talking to is invested in your conversation, and you reply with ‘K’. Sounds rude, right?

It will make the other person feel that they are boring and that you are not interested in talking to lớn them.

Like the first tip, explain that you’re busy or if you need to lớn finish something, and then just get back khổng lồ texting once you’re free.

3. Know the purpose of your reply


Get better at texting by knowing the purpose of your conversation.

Whether you want to be updated with your significant other or you want khổng lồ win a person’s heart, there is always a purpose for your text conversations.

If you know that purpose, then you will have better text conversations. You will also know the right questions lớn ask & how you should proceed.

4. Make texting fun with GIFs và emojis

That is right. It doesn’t matter what age you are – it’s always cool to lớn utilize those dễ thương emojis. You can even replace certain words lượt thích heart, lips, beer, and even pizza.

Make a conversation not dry by doing this, and you’ll see how fun it can be.

GIFs are also an excellent way lớn make texting fun. You can find the perfect GIF that will capture your reaction.

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5. Make your crush smile with memes

Once you have gotten used khổng lồ emojis, be a fun texter with the use of funny memes.

If your crush sends you something that makes you blush, what better way khổng lồ express it? Find that perfect meme & show how you feel.

It’s fun and will make your texting experience enjoyable.

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6. Don’t be afraid khổng lồ ask questions

Be an interesting texter by asking the right questions. Any topic can be interesting if you know the right questions khổng lồ ask.

If you are talking about how lớn handle ức chế at work, you can ask questions like:

“What are your hobbies?”

“What are the things that can help you relax?”

It keeps the conversation going, và you understand each other more.

7. Show your sense of humor

Being funny is a great way khổng lồ make texting enjoyable. When you are texting with someone funny, it makes the experience so much nicer.

Remember this if you want to lớn know how to not be a dry texter.

You just find yourself smiling and even laughing out loud. That’s why don’t be afraid lớn send jokes, memes, & maybe just random jokes that you made up yourself.

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8. Go ahead and flirt a little


Imagine how lớn not be boring when texting if you know how to lớn flirt a little?

Tease a little, flirt a little, and make your texting experience so much fun.

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Skip the same old greeting every day, that’s boring! Instead, be spontaneous và a little flirtatious. It keeps everything exciting as well.

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9. Remember the details

Whether you are talking to a friend or a crush, make sure you pay attention to lớn the little details in your conversation.

When someone remembers small details about you, what vày you feel? You feel special, right?

It’s the same with the person you are texting. Remember names, places, và events. This will even make your future conversation better. In any sự kiện that they mention those little details again, you would be able khổng lồ catch up.

10. Turn texting into a conversation

Most of the time, we use texting for short messages that don’t even feel lượt thích a real conversation.

If you are hoping to know more about your crush – then don’t be a dry texter.

Make an effort to lớn actually have a conversation. Don’t worry if you’re not very good at expressing yourself through text. With little practice, you’ll bởi better. You might even appreciate how convenient texting is.

11. Text first

Want to know how to lớn be a good texter? Don’t be afraid to initiate the first text.

It’s understandable to feel scared to text first because you don’t know if the other person will reply or not. But what if the other person feels the same?

So, get over that feeling and grab your phone. Initiate the first text và even start a new topic.

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12. Don’t be afraid to lớn be invested

Sometimes, even if you want to get involved with your text mate, you feel scared. You’re thinking, what if this person isn’t enjoying it or they would just disappear one day?

Think of it this way, all forms of communication are always a khung of investment. So, when you have a text mate, then allow yourself lớn enjoy, be yourself, và yes, invest.

13. Know your limits

Always be kind, polite, & respectful.

Knowing how to not be a dry texter, you will learn how khổng lồ joke around & even be a little flirtatious, but you should never forget one thing – respect.

Don’t bombard them with the same message if they don’t reply asap. Don’t get mad if they forget a special date, and most of all, be careful with your jokes.

14. Cốt truyện your experiences

Texting is also a khung of communication. Communication is give và take, so don’t be afraid to nội dung something about yourself as well. If your crush opens up a topic và tells something, you can also cốt truyện your own experiences.

This helps you size a bond, và you will be able to lớn know things about each other as well. What a great way to know each other, right?

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15. Try asking for opinions

Wondering what màu sắc you should pick for your room renovation? Grab your phone và ask your crush!

It’s a great conversation starter and also a great way to bond. Your crush would feel vital because you value their opinion, then you will also get different views và tips from another person.

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16. Don’t ask boring common questions

Don’t greet your text mate with the same message every day. This sounds too robotic. They’re not subscribed to lớn daily greetings, aren’t they?

“Hey, good morning, how are you? What will you vì today?”

This is a nice greeting, but if you bởi this daily, it becomes boring. It’s lượt thích your crush is sending a daily report.

Send a quote, send a joke, ask about their sleep, và so much more.

If you’re already familiar with your crush & know the small details about them, you will come up with witty, nice, và unique messages.

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17. Be lively!

Another tip on how lớn not be a dry texter is to lớn be lively. Try reading your reply và see if it is lively. Here’s an example:

Crush: Hey, why don’t you lượt thích cats?

You: I am afraid of them.

It cuts your conversation, and your crush no longer has a chance lớn ask you more questions. Instead, you can use:

Crush: Hey, why don’t you lượt thích cats?

You: Well, when I was a kid, a cát bit me, & I had to get shots. From then on, I began lớn fear them. How about you? vày you have similar experiences?

See how you are creating a conversation with this reply?

18. Use the proper kết thúc punctuation

When you are sending texts, it’s essential to use the proper end punctuation.

Here’s why:

Crush: OMG! I was able to lớn make the yummiest cupcakes!I’ll give you some! They are so yummy!

You: Can’t wait.

While the first message is full of energy & excitement, the reply sounds boring & seems lượt thích he’s not interested. Try this instead:

Crush: OMG! I was able khổng lồ make the yummiest cupcakes! I’ll give you some! They are so yummy!

You: Can’t wait lớn try them! Congratulations! vị you have photos of when you were making them?

19. Follow up on something your crush told you

When your crush shares some details about you, và you remember them, it’s natural khổng lồ ask about it when you have time.

If your crush shares that they will be taking an entrance exam, don’t hesitate to lớn follow up on that. Ask how about the exam, và let your crush tell you what happened.

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20. Enjoy what you are doing

The most important tip on how lớn not be a dry texter is lớn simply enjoy what you are doing.

All of these tips would feel like they are tasks if you are not enjoying your conversation. Text because you feel lượt thích it và are happy & want to know more & bond with the other person.

If you are enjoying it, you won’t even have lớn think about what topic you have to lớn suggest. It just comes naturally and you will see how time flies when you are enjoying it.

Also, by following these tips, you would be sure khổng lồ have an awesome time being a fun texter.

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Say goodbye to lớn boring, uninteresting, và short text conversations. By following these tips on how khổng lồ not be a dry texter, you will see how enjoyable texting could be.

Remember, you won’t be able khổng lồ master all of these in one go.

Take your time và enjoy what you are doing. Texting can be a great way to bond with each other.

Aside from that, your crush will definitely notice you. Who knows, your crush might start falling for you too. So, grab your phone và text away. Before you know it, it’s already night time and you’re still enjoying your conversation.