How to turn a girl on over text messages in 2022


There is still some mystery to lớn the art of texting women despite living in a world where everyone has a cell phone and text messages are ubiquitous. We’re here to solve that mystery for you, even if you have a girlfriend and want to lớn spice things up. In this article, you will find proven tips and clear examples you can use to take control of your dating life và start sending flirty texts that will turn a girl on (even your dream girl).

(Plus, these tips also apply khổng lồ instant messages, e-mails, và romantic hand-written letters if you’re traveling back in time.)

Knowing how to turn a girl on over text messages will make it easier lớn get physical with her when you meet up. She will trust your ability khổng lồ create sexual tension and have fun with it.

The key here is nuance. Don’t be too sexual, or she will think you’re only focused on sleeping with her. Be coy và mysterious, & always remember lớn be playful.

Now get your cell phone out, xuất hiện up your tương tác list, and let’s begin!




How bởi you flirt over text?

Misinterpretation is a simple và effective way to lớn flirt with women. You create sexual tension and tín đồ the spark of attraction with playful words. The idea here is to lớn assume the girl you’re texting is attracted to you và hitting on you.

A high-value attractive man assumes anyone can be interested in him. Meanwhile, all the other guys sit around waiting for women to explicitly tell them they’re interested, & that is not how this works. It’s up lớn you lớn create a playful vibe and make the flirting process fun for the girl you’re talking to.

Even if she’s not interested, the playful vibe makes it easier for her lớn express herself without the awkward confrontation many guys create when they ask things like, “Do you like me or what?”

Turn things around và assume the girl is chasing you and thinking dirty thoughts about you. This allows you lớn turn the interaction sexual in a fun way.

Here is an example of how to text girls using misinterpretation:

Her: okay you are seriously the sweetest. Can I keep you?

Response: like in a cage? Prob not… in handcuffs for a night…maybe?




Don’t forget the romance!

This isn’t what you think, guys. Being thắm thiết is a great way to sweep a woman off her feet, but we’re flipping the stereotypical romance on its head.

Girls love romance và everyone “knows” guys just want lớn get laid. We can use this lớn switch roles and assume the reverse. Let her know you want her to lớn romance you instead.

Him: before we go any further, there’s something I need lớn tell you

Her: Ok…

Him: I’m not just a piece of meat – I need to lớn be romanced

Her: You’re right! What was I thinking? I promise I won’t take advantage of you