Is it normal to have back pain after a c

Let’s talk about an issue that far too many women face – back pain after c-section.

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No matter how your birth unfolded, vaginal birth or cesarean birth – you are incredible! That is a superhuman feat you accomplished, bringing life into this world. You deserve khổng lồ enjoy all that comes next, back pain free.

With an increase in cesarean births, it’s easy lớn forget that a c-section is a major abdominal surgery!


What causes back pain after c-section & what can you do?

Back pain after c-section can occur for varying reasons. Let’s cover some of the short-term reasons that could be causing your back pain, as well as solutions to lớn help you banish that pain for good.

AnaesthesiaThe type of anaesthesia you receive before having a c-section could play a role. You may have had an epidural or a spinal block. An epidural takes longer to become effective và is injected into the surrounding areas of your spinal cord. Often for a c-section a spinal block is given, this is faster acting và is placed closer to lớn the spinal cord. Back pain can be felt when the anaesthesia begins lớn wear off, and muscle spasms near the injection site can occur.What you can do: Speak up and be honest with your doctor, let them know your back is hurting and if there is anything that can be done to lớn help. Fortunately this is temporary!More restrictions when healing from c-sectionC-section is a major invasive surgery! With any major surgery there are going lớn be more restrictions post-surgery to lớn ensure your toàn thân can heal safely. C-sections are no different. Rest frequently, don’t lift anything heavier than your baby, be gentle to lớn protect stitches or staples. All of this, plus caring for a new little one, leads to lớn less movement. This inactivity can cause more back pain and aches than normal.

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What you can do: Take slow short walks. You don’t need to be an olympic tốc độ walker. Set realistic goals. A starting goal could be to lớn the kết thúc of your driveway & back, gradually building to lớn a walk around the block. Walking is amazing with many benefits, one is helping ease back pain.Feeding you babyIf you’re nursing / breast-feeding, you may be contouring your toàn thân into weird positions you didn’t know were possible just lớn get your babe to latch & eat! Once they are finally eating, the fear of moving (no matter how uncomfortable you might be) is very real. Hunching over khổng lồ feed your baby and all the cirque du soleil-worthy positions you find yourself in, are not so kind on the back. All this can be a reason for back pain after c-section.What you can do: Use support, and lots of it! Grab all the pillows around you and use them under your back, under your baby, under your arms, behind your shoulders. Tư vấn all the places that are supporting you feeding your baby. Get comfortable! Not only will you enjoy the bonding with your baby more, but your back will appreciate it as well!Fed is best. This advice is not just for nursing Moms! It’s every bit as important for bottle-feeding Mamas lớn make sure you are comfortable and fully supported as you feed your baby. Focus on the bond that comes from feeding… & not the aches and pains that come from not being better supported.

Back pain after c-section – important takeaway

The most important takeaway is that there is so much that can be done to lớn help address your back pain now, it is not something you just have khổng lồ learn to lớn adjust lớn and deal with ?

You deserve lớn be pain free, khổng lồ be able to enjoy motherhood & to be fully present in your life.

If you have been dealing with back pain for quite sometime now kiểm tra out our post on reasons for long term back pain.