Back pain after delivery is best treated by the last thing you have energy for: exercise


During pregnancy, your internal organs shift lớn make room for the baby, altering your posture & putting găng tay on your back. Giving birth adds further strain by pushing muscles you don’t often use khổng lồ their limit. Combined, these major life events can result in serious back pain. Here’s a closer look at how you can alleviate the symptoms.

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How to lớn Relieve Back Pain After Giving Birth

1. Practice Good Posture

Poor posture plays a role in muscle strain, so be mindful of how you carry your body. Choose a comfortable chair when feeding your baby, & if you’re nursing, bring them to lớn your breast rather than hunching over khổng lồ their level. Bend your knees và crouch when you need to lớn pick up objects or your child, and avoid lifting anything heavy to lớn keep the stress off your back.

2. Use Supports

Back pain is partially caused by a lack of proper support. Use pillows when you’re sitting & lying down to support your back and arms, and prop your feet up with a footrest.

You should avoid standing for long periods of time, but if you need to, find a low stool or flat object. Put one foot on the tư vấn at a time khổng lồ shift some of the weight off your back.

3. Vì chưng Postpartum Exercises


Even if you don’t feel up for it, a good workout may help relieve your back pain. Gentle exercises can strengthen your core & aid in postpartum recovery.

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Take slow, short walks & do some mild stretches. Yoga poses lượt thích pelvic tilts are very useful for restoring weakened or damaged muscles.

4. Take Time to lớn Relax

Your body’s been through some drastic changes, so in addition to lớn mild exercise, give yourself a break. Practice self-care và take a little bit of time out of each day to relax.

While your partner, family member, or friend is spending time with the baby, soak in a warm bath or go get a massage. If the pain is particularly bad, rotate hot & cold packs on the affected area và focus on taking deep, even breaths.

5. Seek Treatment

Talk to lớn your doctor about referring you khổng lồ a pain treatment specialist. Professional solutions like physical therapy & pain coping strategies will help you manage your symptoms effectively. With regular sessions, you’ll achieve pain relief & learn how khổng lồ prevent back strain in the future.

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