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Andres Sosa. — Photo courtesy of Family Medical Practice Hanoi

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by Dr. Andres Sosa *

Lower back pain is a common issue during the two last trimesters of pregnancy. The female pelvic bone increases its diameter khổng lồ allow the baby’s transit during labour. This process begins around the thirty fourthweek. After birth, the pelvic ring closes, but usually does not reach its original size. This is the reason why many women with children notice a small increase in the form size of their hips after pregnancy.

During the thirdtrimester, the female pelvic bone opens like a hinge thanks to lớn the sacroiliac joints that allow more space for the baby khổng lồ descend & find a good position for delivery. This situation can cause severe pain on both sides of the lower back (sacroiliac joints) and the lower abdomen above the genitals (pubic area). This pain makes walking, sitting và sleeping very difficult.

It is important to lớn say that this pelvic opening process is a normal biological change that prepares your body to have your baby in a natural way.

What can I vì chưng if I am pregnant & I have lower back pain?

Most painkillers are not recommended during pregnancy. Therefore, if you feel lower back pain, take a rest laying down on your left side for a couple of hours, meanwhile applying a warm bag or cushion on your lower back to lớn relax the muscles. If this does not work, visit a doctor.

First, a gynaecologist/obstetrician needs lớn ensure that everything is all right with you và your baby. If all is well, you can be referred lớn an orthopedic surgeon, who can offer a safe option to treat the pain.

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In the meantime, try khổng lồ keep a good posture. This is difficult because your body is different và heavier, but you need to lớn avoid flexing your hips as much as possible, specifically when trying lớn pick something up from the floor. Keep your back straight, no matter if you are walking, sitting or sleeping.

What might the orthopaedic surgeon offer?

An orthopaedic surgeon can offer a safe, quick and minimally-invasive pain management therapy directly applied to both of your sacroiliac joints. This procedure is 100 per cent safe for your baby và also for you because the applied medicines will not reach your bloodstgream. It is also safe after delivery for breast-feeding mothers who feel pain.

During the procedure you will feel the same as with any other injection, lượt thích a blood kiểm tra or vaccination. Pain relief can be immediate và it may last for 60 to lớn 90 days on average. Taking painkillers will be unnecessary và you will feel more comfortable while walking, sleeping or resting until the end of your pregnancy. — Family Medical Practice Vietnam

*Family Medical Practice Hanoi welcomes Dr. Andres Sosa to the medical team. Dr. Sosa is an orthopaedic surgeon trained in Italy, specialised in the diagnosis & treatment of musculoskeletal trauma (fractures, dislocations, wounds), degenerative joint diseases (osteoarthritis, spine disc herniation) and thể thao lesions (sprains, joint instability, tendon ruptures) with a particular và deep interest in upper limb, spine & knee. With two European master degrees và multiple courses overseas, Dr. Sosa is able khổng lồ perform open surgery, internal fixation, shoulder/knee arthroscopy, external fixation, and joint replacement as well as non-surgical pain management therapies. or