6 things you think are helping you learn english… but are actually a waste of time


A writing memoir looks like telling a story. But it is difficult to talk about oneself! How lớn tell honestly what you did experience is not easy. I have read a lot of memoirs but rarely their honest truth are! But Pastor Nguyen Van Hue‘s memoir is different from the others. If you read it, you will see that!Those who join in the literature, politics field, often have many stories khổng lồ tell. But I think the life of a pastor is extremely limited, it can be very monotonous và boring. But reading Mr. Hue’s memoir, that opinion will change. Perhaps God wants he did experience harsh trials, as Paul in the Acts of the Apostles. Then, he could tell us something interesting.This memoir is not a literary novel with details & colors. It is very simple. However, it will draw readers into each special detail. Hopefully, a lot of evidence in this memoir will be a living document.It is difficult to fight against the power of darkness. Pastor Nguyen Van Hue has fought with invisible dark forces, & he has won. Is he is a man of great talent? No. Praise the Lord! God has inspired strength khổng lồ His servant. The Word of God is the Word of life. God has opened the way for him through Word. Therefore, pastor Hue life is very vital. Following the Lord with a vital faith is a success. May God bless him và his ministry so that he could tell us his experience. If Dr. Luke did not write the Acts of the Apostles, we wouldn’t know the hardships of those who take the cross following Christ.

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Vietnamese people know Le mong Nguyen with a famous tuy vậy “Who comes khổng lồ the land of peach-blossom.” That song has drawn many people, including me dreaming khổng lồ Dalat. Peach-blossom in Dalat has gone into literature & art. But its trunk is slender and scabrous. Especially in Winter, it almost is dry death. But the over of Winter, the flowers sprouts open. How beautiful peach-blossom! The same khổng lồ Pastor Nguyen Van Hue when he began serving the Lord in Dalat. He was taken in prison as well as peach-blossom trees in Winter. But now, churches have been established in the trang chủ country through the program Building trang chủ Churches in Vietnam which he has done.

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Peach-blossom flowers are blooming in Spring!Praise the Lord! God certainly will increase grace for Pastor Nguyen Van Hue, who has got a clear vision for Vietnamese people.

Ho Phu Bong, a writer

MY SAVIORI see myself as the embodiment of suffering & blessing. Suffering from the status of a Vietnamese và blessing as a servant of Christ Jesus.There is an anonymous author wrote, “A baby who the son of a country girl was born in a small village, grew to lớn up in another village & to be a carpenter until he was 30 years old. That person has not written any books, either hold a public office or have a house. He did not attend college, never taking more than 200 miles from homeland but preached only his message in a limited land. At just 33 years old, he was killed by a death sentence. They buried him in a borrowed grave of another person. However, his influence in the human history is larger than any prominent politicians or leaders have ever had. It’s a chất lượng man. That man is Jesus.”My Savior is the Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone can become the son of God through Him. He is my Lord and He also wants khổng lồ be your Lord today.Soren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher told the story of a king who did fall in love with a beautiful country girl. The king was very rich và powerful. No one dared lớn speak ill of him. He was respected. But he had a problem: “How could he express his love to her? How could he be sure that she loves him? ”The throne, authority of the king were a hindrance. The king did not want to lớn use that privilege to lớn enter the heart of the girl. He wanted her to love him for herself, not for his status or material wealth. He did not want khổng lồ have her by his authority. He found a way to lớn become equal khổng lồ her.The king put on clothes as a farmer. He was not only as a poor disguise, but he actually became poor! He refused his throne and authority. Finally, he got the love of the country girl!This story is a good illustration of Christ’s love for humanity. Christ has convinced my love & I have loved Him. Billions of people around the world have followed Him. Vày you receive Christ’s love?When Columbus & his sailors went to lớn Amazon estuary for the first time. A sailor said, “We discovered an island.” But Columbus looked around & said, “No, we discovered a new continent. Such a large river didn’t come from an island!”

Columbus’ words have been meaningful for me. I have discovered và believed:* Holy Bible is the living Word that comes from God.* The world has existed because God has created & conserved it. We have only lớn be saved through Him.* Jesus is God, who is the Savior of all people, & especially of believers.* Church is established by God. I was chosen khổng lồ serve Him.* The Holy Spirit who God dwells inside my heart and leads me.* Faith, hope, & love in Christ are what I have been following every day.* My proverb is, “Faith gets the most, Love does the most and Humility keeps the most.”* The purpose of my life is to lớn worship God, enjoy Him, build an intimate fellowship with Him and help the others.How about you?I have a dream that one day millions of Vietnamese people will be saved & reunited with me in Heaven.