√ how to cancel yes 4g services prepaid postpaid


Learn how khổng lồ unsubscribe Zong mạng internet packages, many people are facing issues related to lớn it. Deactivation of Zong mạng internet package is very easy and it can be done by sending an SMS or by dialing a simple code. On unsubscribing of internet bundle you also receive a confirmation message.

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Just lượt thích activation, deactivation or unsubscribing Zong mạng internet package is also very simple & anyone can do it. There is a small procedure khổng lồ unsubscribe an existing mạng internet package. All you need to bởi vì is lớn dial zong unsubscribe all packages code but for few of the mạng internet offers you need to dial a different code.

People mostly get into a mess while unsubscribing from mạng internet package but in reality its not difficult at all. All the Zong SIM users need to lớn dial an easy code from their phone in order to lớn Zong unsubscribe all internet packages code.


How khổng lồ Unsubscribe Zong internet Packages

Below is the step by step guide on how Zong users can unsubscribe daily, weekly, và monthly mạng internet packages of Zong.

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How khổng lồ Unsubscribe Zong Daily internet Package

To deactivate daily mạng internet package of Zong simply send this text message:

Your package will be unsubscribe and you will receive a notification of it. I hope this will answer your question of how to lớn unsubscribe zong daily premium mạng internet package.

How khổng lồ Unsubscribe Weekly Zong internet Package

Unsubscribing weekly internet bundle of Zong is a bit different because in this you need to dial a code. You can dial the code five below lớn Zong super weekly offer unsubscribe or any other weekly package:

Dialing above code will deactivate weekly net bundles automatically including Zong weekly internet package 7gb.

Zong Monthly internet Package Unsubscribe

Like daily & weekly packages of internet, there is not specific method unsubscribing Zong monthly internet. You can enjoy the package for 30 days & at the over of month it will be automatically deactivated. However, if you still want lớn unsubscribe monthly mạng internet package, you can dial 310 help line và ask customer service khổng lồ deactivate your package.

Internet packages of Zong are the best because they are offering high speed 4G net at economical rates. Zong Pakistan captured the market mainly because of their mạng internet services.







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