7 skincare secrets of butterfly pea flower

Blue Butterfly Balm - the first butterfly pea flower balm for skin. Sonya Dakar’s new, omni-seasonal (you heard it hear first!) skin comforting & hydration balm is the product to keep in your bag 365 days a year. The deeply-nourishing butterfly pea skin balm has countless uses. Let’s dive in!

Over 2 years in development, và tested extensively at the SONYA DAKAR SKIN CLINIC, the Blue Butterfly Balm harnesses a blend of đôi mươi powerful botanicals khổng lồ create a luxuriously rich balm that melts into your skin, activating its calming aroma & skin-soothing properties. This intensely hydrating, hard-working formula is a savior for all skin types, all year long.

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What makes blue Butterfly Balm different from other skin soothing salves?

In addition to the trăng tròn active botanicals, the balm’s star & namesake ingredient, blue Butterfly Pea flower, is making its skincare debut. Blue Butterfly (derived from the Butterfly Pea plant) has been used in Asian medicine for hundreds of years and is well-known for its powerful anti-oxidant properties. But, Sonya Dakar is the first to utilize the xanh Butterfly Pea flower for skin in a modern skincare formula.

“I had so many clients complaining about chronic irritation and dehydration with no viable, natural solution. They were using either heavy ointments that caused breakouts, or hydrocortisone, which isn’t a long-term solution. When we learned about the incredible healing benefits of xanh Butterfly, I knew we’d found a solution for their complaints,” she says.

In addition to fighting off free-radicals and neutralizing the damaging effects of UV exposure and pollution, blue Butterfly’s Pea Flower benefits also include:

• Improves the skin’s barrier function, keeping moisture in và irritants out • Is anti-inflammatory & visibly reduces redness & irritation • Is anti-microbial and wards against infection • Contains anthocyanins, which reduce MMP production (MMPs are enzymes that break down collagen)

Super cast of Super-Antioxidants. While the xanh Butterfly Pea flower is the star of this show, there are numerous super- antioxidants that offer protection và relief including Baobab Oil, Rosehip Oil, Rosemary Oil, vi-ta-min E, Macadamia Oil, xanh Tansy, Cupuacu Butter, Shea Butter, Marula Oil, và Meadowfoam.

Ideal for All Skin Types, Ages & Seasons. The use of xanh Butterfly Pea flower for a skin care product is an industry first. This exotic ingredient has countless benefits for skin, no matter what type of skin or climate you live.

Deep and enduring hydration. Thanks lớn a combination of rich và nourishing oils including kalahari melon Oil, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba, rosehip oil & Shea Butter, blue Butterfly Balm infuses và seals the skin with a generous dose of rich moisture, protecting the skin’s lipid barrier from extreme cold or dry weather. Think of it as a down weatherproof jacket for your face. Blue Butterfly Balm creates a cozy barrier to protect your skin.

Post-sun care. Far from being a winteronly product, the blue Butterfly Balm is the perfect post-sun recovery balm. Not only does it nourish your depleted skin with essential Omega 3 & vitamin C, it also visibly reduces redness và inflammation due lớn its high concentration of naturally occurring flavonoids.

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Fast-acting redness reduction. In combination with blue Butterfly, xanh Tansy và Baobab Oil (rich in omega fatty acids) will visibly soothe red và irritated skin.

Healing và repairing. The two Blues (Butterfly & Tansy) work in conjunction with Flax Seed Oil, Kalahari Melon, và Evening Primrose to lớn accelerate healing & repairing of damaged skin. These ingredients also help deter scarring.

Diminished signs of aging. With over 20 super-active botanical ingredients, xanh Butterfly Balm is a must-have for those looking khổng lồ ease signs of aging and fine lines. The wonderfully potent Rosehip extract evens skin tone while Macadamia Oil, Frankincense Oil, Cupuacu Butter and Mango Butter plump and smooth khổng lồ minimize fine lines. Nourishing oils such as & Flaxseed Oil, Kalahari Melon Oil, & Evening Primrose Oil are rich in omega fatty acids and help rejuvenate & brighten the skin.

Repair of flakey skin from a peels or retinoids. Aggressive products containing acids or high levels or retinoic acid (think retinol) have an adverse effect on skin causing persistent flakiness. Your daily hydrator may lack the emollience to give adequate relief in these situations. Due khổng lồ its thicker consistency rich texture, The xanh Butterfly Balm instantly smooths và soothes flakey skin.

Bring a glow to dry & dull skin. blue Butterfly Balm is an excellent overnight hydrating treatment. Slather it on before bed—and wake khổng lồ glowing, dewy skin.


How vị I incorporate blue Butterfly Balm into my skin care routine?

AM và PM: We recommend melting a small amount of balm in your hands và applying immediately after cleansing. Focus on dry, rough or irritated areas. & don"t skip the eye area and lips!

How bởi I use xanh Butterfly Balm with other moisturizers or oils?

Blue Butterfly Balm provides superb hydration và healing, though it is not a substitute for moisturizers or face oils. It should be used as the last step in your routine as its rich texture helps “lock-in” your moisturizers, serums & oils. It can also be blended with other moisturizers or oils. Play with what works best for your individual skin, adapting it throughout the year.

If you would like additional guidance with product recommendations tailored lớn your specific goals and challenges, please liên hệ us at experts