How To Use Zoom For Teaching Online Classes


In these times when we must separate, it is of the utmost importance for all of us lớn to stay in contact with our knowledge and our relatives. In fact, continuing to study despite the problems has become very important lately. For this reason, we will help you here to know the Zoom application and what it is used for in these times.

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There is no doubt that one of the best apps to vì this is Zoom, because it allows us lớn make video calls. completely không tính tiền of charge . That"s why we show you here how lớn use Zoom on your mobile phone khổng lồ give virtual lessons quickly & easily.

How Zoom can be used to lớn teach virtual classrooms

For those who are educators, keeping in cảm biến with their students is vital today. Regardless of the distance, the teleworking has become an essential part of everyone"s life. & this is not surprising, because with the latest technological advancements, you can make đoạn phim calls or meetings with the Zoom app , khổng lồ be in cảm biến with whoever you want.

With Zoom, scheduling meetings & having interactive calls is completely possible & free. Và not surprisingly, Zoom has become an essential tool for teachers and educators today.

How lớn use Zoom from a thiết bị di động phone lớn give virtual lessons

The steps khổng lồ enjoy Zoom from any cell phone are really simple & you won"t regret following them khổng lồ the letter.


All you need to bởi to teach virtual lessons via Zoom from your di động phone is:

Download the Zoom clip calling phầm mềm  Cloud Meetings at from the store you have on your cell phone, for example Google Play.Open the Zoom app and create an tài khoản so you can create và organize your own meetings.Log in to the tài khoản you just created.Once inside, select the option » New meeting «.Once you"ve created it, you can invite whoever you want by selecting the “Participants” option và then selecting “Invite”.Invite whoever you want, in this case your students.

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That"s all! From this moment you can start teaching virtual lessons khổng lồ whomever you want and enjoy all the options offered by the wonderful Zoom Cloud Meetings app.

What tools does Zoom offer khổng lồ teach virtual courses?

There are many special tools and options that Zoom Cloud Meetings provides to its users. These tools enhance & make the virtual lessons that you can give via đoạn phim call much more entertaining and enjoyable.

Some of the new tools that Zoom Cloud Meetings is offering its users are:

It allows you to share the screen with a interactive whiteboard , another smartphone or thiết bị di động device, or even with the browser or another tab that you can xuất hiện on your mobile phone.If at any time it is necessary lớn mute someone, Zoom Cloud Meetings provides this useful option as well.You can địa chỉ virtual backgrounds on your screen , using those which are pre-integrated with your Zoom account and also with the images you want to add.Offer a live chat to nội dung points và ideas that meeting members want to discuss.You can applaud or even give a thumbs up in the "Feedback" section, which you can use in this live meeting.You can record the meeting if you want, which can be very useful for students.You can plan meetings in advance khổng lồ keep them at the time you want. This way you can encourage students to lớn prepare in advance for your future meeting.

As you may have seen, the various tools that Zoom Cloud Meetings offers its users can be of great help for those who wish to lớn continue to work and help despite the current problems.


And if you not only want lớn use your Android, but also your PC, because this app allows you to download Zoom to your Windows or Mac computer . This tiện ích is fully recommended và we encourage you lớn use it. We hope that all this information has been of great help lớn you và that nothing prevents you from giving the online course that you wish.