Get paid to watch tiktok: 6 unique ways


Word is going around about an easy way to make money online. It involves watching TikTok-like videos và an ứng dụng called Zynn. Zynn is a brand new app that"s a mix between TikTok & Instagram và it allegedly pays you lớn watch and create short-form videos. Zynn also pays you when you refer friends khổng lồ the tiện ích (so, basically like a pyramid scheme). If you"re wondering if this is legit, read on to lớn learn exactly how Zynn works — and if it"s even worth your time.

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According lớn several people who have used Zynn (which is a real app, FYI), you can make a bit of cash watching & creating videos, as well as referring users. In this Reddit thread, user Shaylinro7777 states that Zynn is "a platform mostly like TikTok, you can watch videos, upload videos and comment, follow, etc. Just lượt thích TikTok but it rewards you for watching the videos, much like Buzzbreak where you earn points for reading and browsing articles & news (which is kinda slow earning but super easy) và the circle fills up at the bottom when it"s full you can claim the rewards."


In order to lớn get paid, you need khổng lồ set your PayPal up with Zynn & simply start watching videos uploaded by users. According to this app đánh giá blog, every time you watch 20 seconds of a video, you earn points that you later trade in for cash. "You earn about ~40-70 points each time the meter fills up, và every 6 times the meter fills up you receive a jackpot that gives ~300-400 points. $1 = 10,000 points, which sounds lượt thích a lot, but you"d be surprised how fast they showroom up."

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Aside from watching videos, you can actually earn the most money by signing up the first time (you need to be based in the U.S.) and referring people. By signing up, you"ll make one dollar. Apparently Zynn will randomly "award" two new users a day with $20 for signing up, but it"s unclear how lớn definitely prove this. You then allegedly get $6 a referral (who verifies their account và watches videos), $10 for every five people you refer, & then a bonus $2 for each person you recruited if they stay active.

Zynn is seemingly not a scam, but it looks lượt thích it may be a pyramid scheme. And since it"s so new, it"s unclear whether the business model is sustainable. Furthermore, YouTuber Tech Hustler stated that the new app technically works, but has been glitchy. You"re also not allowed to lớn withdraw all your cash at once. But he was able to lớn successfully make a $50 withdrawal, which he posted lớn his video.


It also seems lượt thích Zynn has branched out & is using gift cards to lớn pay its users (maybe because they"re running out of cash?). A tweet from Zynn states, "We are happy lớn announce our new Gift thẻ feature. Users within the United States can now redeem their accumulated Rewards for gift cards that can be spent on a dozen various stores, including Amazon, Target..."