How to whiten your teeth while wearing braces

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Are you interested in cosmetic dentistry or whitening with braces? Straightening your teeth và boosting their natural color is a great minimally-invasive, natural smile makeover option. But can you whiten your teeth while you’re wearing braces, or is it better to vị it before or after? Understanding how lớn whiten teeth with braces boils down to lớn the type of orthodontic system you’re using but, most importantly, the way you care for your smile during treatment. Without the right brushing & flossing routine, you could be setting yourself up for darker, dirtier tooth enamel because of stain buildup.

It Depends On Which Type Of Braces You’re Wearing

The type of braces you have will determine if you can whiten your teeth or not. For example, if you have fixed appliances on the front of your teeth (like metal brackets & wires,) they can get in the way of a typical whitening tray or whitening strip. But there are still ways khổng lồ work around them. Whereas removable or hidden braces still give you the option of whitening the front of your teeth even though you’re technically in braces.

Here’s how you would whiten with braces, given the specific design:

Clear Aligners

With removable tray-style orthodontic aligners, you can take them out lớn bleach your teeth with whitening strips. Just make sure you’re wearing your trays a minimum of 22 hours a day, so you may be cutting it close.

Or, if you want, you can even apply the professional gel inside your aligners and have them double as whitening trays. Your dentist will let you know how long khổng lồ keep the gel in since some are only meant for an hour & others are overnight. The only issue is that orthodontic aligners tend lớn be pretty snug, so there’s a greater risk of gel spillover onto your gums, which can cause chemical burns or bleached gum tissue.

Lingual Braces

These hidden braces are bonded lớn the back of your teeth, so you can technically whiten the front of them without interfering with your orthodontic appliances. While you might not be able to lớn wear teeth whitening trays (they won’t fit over your braces), you could still have an in-office whitening treatment at your dentist’s office or apply whitening strips if you vày so carefully.

In the case of whitening strips, make sure they aren’t overlapping onto your gums. You might find that it’s better to cut them in half longways since they might not fit over your braces or could make those areas more sensitive.

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Traditional Braces

Most of the discoloration you see around braces is because of stain buildup around the brackets from not brushing & flossing as well as you should. The main thing to keep in mind is lớn use an electric toothbrush và proxy brush (interdental brush) to lớn clean those areas so that they stay brighter during your orthodontic treatment; then, you can whiten your teeth once the process is complete.

If you’re dead mix on finding a way khổng lồ whiten teeth with braces, you bởi vì have another option lớn consider: whitening pens. The gel from the whitening pen can be brushed around your brackets or on specific “problem areas” that you’re worried about. The only issue is that whitening pens don’t provide the longer contact time your smile needs for the gel lớn penetrate deep into the tiny tubules (pores) in your enamel. The impact will be minimal.

Wait Until The kết thúc Of Your Orthodontic Treatment

If you’re able, the best way khổng lồ whiten with braces is khổng lồ wait until your treatment is complete. Then you can use custom teeth whitening trays, whitening strips, or get an in-office treatment on your perfectly straight smile (and there won’t be any wires or brackets in the way.) At that point, your teeth will be perfectly straight and whitening will be the icing on the cake.

One reason why you want to wait on whitening is so that your dentist và orthodontist can evaluate any structural issues or demineralized enamel. For example, you might want to lớn bond over a tiny area where a tooth is uneven. But the bonding will need lớn be matched khổng lồ the natural màu sắc of your tooth, so you’ll want to lớn bleach them right before that. And if there are any trắng spots on your teeth—which happens lớn some orthodontic patients—the whitening hàng hóa can be adapted lớn better manage those areas.

Staining Around Brackets

Unless you’re wearing removable aligners lượt thích Invisalign or ClearCorrect, cleaning around braces is a bit of a chore. Regular brushing just doesn’t cut it. You’ll need floss lớn clean under the wires, between teeth, và then interproximal/proxy brushes khổng lồ clean on either side of the brackets. Without plenty of time and dedication, stain và tartar buildup will gradually accumulate around your braces.

Not only does this staining make your teeth darker, but it also interferes with whitening your teeth. If you apply any type of whitening gel, the whitening agents still might not penetrate the buildup. You’d be whitening the stain và tartar instead of the tooth, leaving dark enamel underneath.

Regular dental cleanings & good trang chủ care will help you avoid this temporary staining (or worse, demineralized trắng spots.) That way, once your braces come off, you can get one more thorough cleaning, then apply the teeth whitening agent for best results.