Here's a simple way to whiten teeth in photoshop in just 10 seconds


Photoshop is a wonderful tool for editing your photos but if you sometimes feel it’s overly complicated or too time-consuming to lớn use on a regular basis, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are many Photoshop tutorials available that help take the pain out of image editing with Adobe’s pioneering post-processor.

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One of the best resources for fast and easy Photoshop tips & tutorials on the internet is PiXimperfect, a popular YouTube channel led by software wizard Unmesh Dinda. In the below video, Dinda shows you how lớn correct one of the most common issues in portrait photography: yellow teeth. Best of all, his trick for whitening teeth in Photoshop takes literally 10 seconds.

While yellowy teeth in portraits can be the result of improper dental hygiene, digital imaging doesn’t help with some cameras – particularly older models – prone to producing a yellow or discolored cast on trắng teeth. To fix this toothsome problem in Photoshop – whether it’s the result of personal neglect or a camera sensor issue – Dinda shows you how lớn harness “the power of targeted Hue/Saturation adjustment layers.”

“First create a hue saturation adjustment layer ,” he explains. “We want lớn target the yellows, so then choose yellow from the dropdown menu. Just decrease the saturation & increase the lightness và it’s pretty much done.”

To really visualize his simple trick, you need khổng lồ watch the video clip below. You can also follow along và try it yourself by downloading his sample image here.

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After Dinda shows you the quick way to lớn fix yellow teeth in Photoshop, he demonstrate two other slightly more involved but still relatively easy methods which will produce better teeth whitening results, so make sure you watch till the end. If you’re new to Photoshop and Lightroom, you should also kiểm tra out this recent tutorial explaining the differences between both Adobe programs.


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