Can yellow teeth be whitened?

Yellow teeth greatly affect aesthetics, causing loss of confidence when communicating. However, you vày not need khổng lồ worry too much about yellowing teeth, because yellow teeth can be completely whitened by modern dental methods and technologies.

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Teeth are yellow due to lớn many causes, both subjective và objective. One factor that easily causes yellow teeth is smoking, drinking a lot of tea, coffee ... Is the direct cause of teeth yellowing over time. Eating and drinking dark foods & beverages such as red wine, coke, concentrated sauces in dishes, some fruits such as grapes, blueberries, pomegranates... Can also cause teeth lớn stain. Because in these foods, drinks, & fruits contain a large amount of high pigments, Chromogen easily causes adhesion khổng lồ tooth enamel, gradually causing enamel khổng lồ yellow. Some highly acidic foods và drinks also cause enamel to lớn become yellow compared to the original. Acids in food cause erosion of tooth enamel, supporting the process of chromogen attaching to lớn teeth. However, depending on the location & nature of the enamel of each person, the degree of effect of yellowing teeth will not be the same. The current way to treat yellowed teeth khổng lồ white is teeth whitening with many methods. Currently, teeth whitening is the most trusted & chosen way to whiten teeth to lớn have white, healthy teeth. However, in order to effectively whiten your teeth, your teeth must be healthy, such as no wear at the roots, no large fillings, và no cavities. Usually in cases where the teeth have the above conditions, the dentist will advise against whitening teeth, because there will be a risk of permanent tooth damage. Some cases of oral diseases such as gingivitis ... The patient must be treated to be able khổng lồ proceed with whitening.
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Yellow teeth can be completely whitened with teeth whitening technologies at the dentist or at home. Depending on the status of your yellow teeth as well as your needs, the doctor will advise và prescribe the appropriate method.

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This is the most popular method to lớn whiten yellowed teeth currently used by customers in need. With laser teeth whitening technology, the dentist will examine the health of the teeth, whether it is safe to whiten or not, kiểm tra the current tooth màu sắc and perform good oral hygiene before treatment. Yellow teeth. Then apply a bleaching gel and shine a blue laser light on the surface of the yellowed tooth. Let the lamp shine for about 1 hour, during this time, the dentist will check and adjust the light so that the customer does not have too much tooth sensitivity và achieve the best whitening effect. Mechanism of bleaching yellow teeth under the action of xanh light is that the whitening gel will penetrate quickly into the dentin, breaking the màu sắc bonds that make teeth yellow. In addition, the laser light also has the effect of stimulating stronger gum tissues without affecting the teeth or surrounding tissues. Therefore, customers will not feel any pain or discomfort, but only mild sensitivity. The sensitivity can be corrected by the dentist during the whitening process.
At-home teeth whitening will take longer & need lớn be maintained for 7-10 days, 8-10 hours a day at night. Bleaching at home, customers need lớn be persistent to achieve maximum results. With home bleaching, your dentist will check your teeth"s current color level, prescribe medication, take impressions of your teeth & make a daily whitening tray. At the same time, provide specific instructions on how to use the eraser cream và how lớn wear it properly.
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Teeth whitening is recommended by doctors not to be applied in some of the following cases: Patients who are allergic khổng lồ teeth whitening drugs should stop bleaching immediately Pregnant và breastfeeding women Children under 16 years old are not allowed to whiten yellow teeth because they easily irritate the pulp. Patients with gingivitis, xuất hiện neck, mechanical neck wear expose dentin. Above is the answer to lớn the question, how khổng lồ whiten yellow teeth? With the above methods, you can apply them at trang chủ or go to lớn the specialists to be consulted và appointed by qualified doctors. At the Department of Teeth - Jaw - Face - International General Hospital, teeth whitening is done with the most modern laze technology, effective for most people with yellow teeth. All examination procedures are performed by a team of qualified doctors & dentists, with modern equipment & machines. Therefore, customers can be assured of medical unique at