Diy natural beauty: 4 easy recipes


Makeup can certainly make a woman look beautiful, but let’s face it, sometimes makeup is just too time consuming, too messy and too expensive. Additionally, there’s an allure khổng lồ a woman who can look gorgeous và glowing without any makeup and just a natural face.

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Achieving a natural face that you can feel confident và proud to show without makeup takes just a few simple tips & tricks, some work at trang chủ and a few key recipes. Luckily, this article will explain the đứng top five great natural remedies that you can make at home to make your skin glow và your beauty shine through without a drop of makeup.

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1. The #1 Face Scrub lớn Unclog Pores

Acne blemishes và blackheads are caused deep down by clogged pores, so cleaning those tiny holes out is the secret khổng lồ glowing skin. Unfortunately, there are so many exfoliating scrubs on the market today that it’s hard to keep track. Little did you know, the best exfoliant is probably in your kitchen cupboards right now: baking soda.

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To use baking soda as an amazing pore unclogging scrub, simply combine four teaspoons of the soda with two tablespoons of water và let sit for four khổng lồ five minutes. Moisten your face with cool water, và massage the baking soda mixture into the skin (avoiding the delicate eye area). Bởi this for three minutes, then rinse with cool water and use a light moisturizer.

2. Get Rid of Discoloration With This Natural Face Mask

Bleaching and lightening creams are all the rage for skin that may be dried out & discolored from acne scars or sun spots, but almost no one knows that lemons are actually an excellent natural bleaching agent.

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For skin discoloration, simply cut a lemon in half squeeze out the juice into a bowl. Combine with one tablespoon honey, then rub on the affected area. Allow the citrus & honey mask khổng lồ sit for three to five minutes on the skin, and then rinse. You’ll see a difference immediately.

3. Simple Teeth Whitening Recipe That Delivers Amazing Results

As with the exfoliating cream và the dry skin remedy, both baking soda & lemon juice will drive away yellowing plaque và use powerful và natural chemical reactions lớn clean teeth, revealing a white smile that rivals those held by Hollywood stars & celebrities.

Simply phối one tablespoon baking soda with one & a half tablespoons of fresh lemon juice in a small bowl. You will notice the mixture bubble slightly. Remove saliva và film from the front surfaces of your teeth with a cốt tông swab and apply the mixture. Allow to lớn sit one minute (no longer to avoid erosion) before wiping off with a toothbrush và rinsing.

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4. Lash Lengthening and Thickening Recipe for Bright & Beautiful Eyes

Mascara is usually the go-to for lengthening lashes and opening up the eyes, but the naturally beautiful woman doesn’t need mascara. Creams & oils that are sold for $30-$110 dollars claiming to extend the natural length & thickness of lashes are over-priced và don’t always work.

A simple trick khổng lồ thickening & lengthening lashes will only cost $2-$3 and can be found in your local drugstore. It’s also 100 percent natural: castor oil. Simply combine a drop or two of castor oil with a drop of olive oil and lightly coat your lashes (and brows too if desired) each night. Don’t put on too much or it could get in your eyes. In two lớn three weeks, friends will be asking where you got your new mascara.

Bonus:Green Diva Kate Bartolotta does a great 101 on facial oil cleansing-why we should bởi vì it, how we should vì it and an easy DIY recipe for the different types of oil for different types of skin. Listen khổng lồ her Green Divas Radio Show podcast segment here for yet another natural beauty method.