10 tips on how to make instagram posts more attractive

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“Who takes your photos?” is the first question people ask me when they see my Instagram profile. Most of them are shocked khổng lồ hear that I take my own travel photos when I’m traveling solo. I have to lớn be honest, it took me some time và practice khổng lồ figure out how to vày this. In this guide, I’ll be sharing my best tips & tricks on how to take good Instagram photos of yourself.

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Use a tripod

If you don’t already use a tripod, this is a gamechanger! Even if you don’t own a camera, you can use a tripod for your phone.

Here’s why using a tripod lớn take your own travel photos is essential: a) There aren’t always people around to lớn take photos of you b) Even if you give your camera khổng lồ strangers, they don’t always capture the photo you want c) You can take your time setting up the exact angle you’re looking for d) If you mix up the camera lớn take several photos of yourself, the pictures usually look more natural.

How lớn take nice pictures using a tripod:

a) Choose the right angle

The beauty of having a tripod is that you can take your time finding the perfect angle for your photo. This is, in fact, the most important step to lớn make sure you get amazing pictures of yourself.

I normally show up early to overcrowded places and experiment with different angles. It will take some practice and experience lớn get it right from the first time. If you’re just starting out, I recommend trying at least 3-4 different angles until you find your favorite.

When you’re setting up your camera, try to lớn visualize exactly where you will be standing in the picture. Sometimes I use props to lớn see where I should stand exactly before jumping in front of the camera.

b) Don’t pose for the picture

Let’s face it, most of us have no idea how khổng lồ pose for a picture. A lot of people feel awkward posing & don’t know what to vì chưng with themselves with a camera pointing at them. Also, pictures usually look much more natural if you can capture a candid moment.

So, what vì chưng you bởi if you’re not supposed lớn pose? It’s pretty simple actually… act like the camera is not there. Walk, move around và interact with your surroundings.


c) Use the interval timer mode (not a remote)

A lot of bloggers use a remote to lớn capture their photos with a tripod. My preference, however, is to shoot with the interval timer setting. Mix up your camera or phone lớn take a picture every 2-3 seconds (you can normally customize the seconds on every camera). Why? Because as I mentioned above, we want the photo to lớn look natural as if someone captured it while you were walking around.

This setting is different for each device, but you can easily find a guide on how to set it up online. If you’re using your phone, there are lots of free apps you can download. Here’s a các mục of self-timer apps for iPhone. If you’re using your camera, you can look up this setting online by searching for example “Fujifilm XT-10 interval timer mode”.


d) Find a good tripod

There are a lot of great affordable, lightweight & compact tripods that you can carry in your backpack. You have lots of cheaper options (around $20) that are lighter, but obviously not as heavy-duty as the more expensive ones.

I highly advise you lớn invest in a good tripod. It’s a one-time purchase that can last you several years. The tripod I use & absolutely love is this: Manfrotto Compact Light Tripod ($60). I can’t recommend it enough!

Tripods below $25:
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Premium Tripods:
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If you don’t want lớn carry around a tripod, you can ask a stranger to take your picture. But, read these tips first!

a) Don’t just give your camera to a stranger & expect them to lớn capture the right angle. Tell them exactly how you want your picture taken. Example: Mention that you want the landmark behind you lớn show on your right or left.

b) Tell them not lớn zoom in. I say this because I’ve had so many incidents where people have zoomed in only on my face when I’m trying to capture the beautiful scenery behind me.

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c) Mention to lớn them that you won’t be looking straight at the camera. Some travelers hold the camera và wait for you to look straight at them & smile. It’s good to lớn point out that you will be moving around & not posing.

d) Tell them khổng lồ take several shots và keep shooting when you’re walking around. I usually tell people to start shooting from the moment I give them the camera till I come back to lớn take it. You can delete unwanted pictures later.

Find the right angle for your Instagram Photo

A good angle highly depends on the type of picture you’re trying to lớn take. Fashion shots are very different than landscape travel photos.

It’s great to know a very basic photography rule called the rule of thirds. This is a composition rule to lớn know where và how lớn place the subject of your photo.Here’s an in-depth guide to the rule of thirds that explains it perfectly.

How khổng lồ take a good selfie? Keep these tricks in mind: a) Hold the camera slightly above your face & not at the same level b) Hold the camera as far away as possible c) Make sure the lighting is good & flattering. Facing the sun is normally better than having it behind you.

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Look for inspiration

Don’t underestimate the nguồn of doing your research to take good pictures. This is especially true for travel photos.

Instagram is a great place to find some inspiration. You can search for xinh đẹp Instagram pictures both by using location tags và hashtags. Not only does this help you find some hidden spots, but it can also help with finding the best timing khổng lồ shoot. Some locations look amazing during sunrise or sunset.

I organize the photos I lượt thích by saving them on Instagram under different hidden folders by thành phố names. That way whenever I’m visiting a new city, I mở cửa that thư mục (example: “Paris”) and find all the dễ thương spots I want lớn visit.

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Show up early khổng lồ crowded tourist spots

When I say early, I mean you need to be the first one there. I’ve shown up to lớn some very touristy spots 15 minutes before they were even open. There’s nothing worse than having huge tourist groups in the backdrop of your photo.

If you hate waking up early, you can also try your luck right before closing time. Some very overcrowded places are better to visit during the weekdays instead of weekends.

Don’t look at the camera, but smile!

Do you want your photos to lớn look natural? Don’t look at the camera. You’re now wondering… where vì I look?! It depends on the scenario, but the best thing to do is to interact with your surroundings.

If there’s a landmark around you, you can look at that. If there are animals or people around you, interact with them. If all else fails, you can play with your hair/dress or use a prop.

Last but not least, don’t forget khổng lồ smile! I have countless photos where my smiles look a bit fake. As funny as this may sound, to overcome this I sometimes try lớn laugh out loud so my photos look as candid as possible.