Dried ginger jam


Ginger jam, a speciality of My Chanh craft village in central quang quẻ Tri Province, is a popular Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday treat and its popularity has helped improve the lives of local residents.

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Ginger jam, a speciality in My Chanh craft village in central quang đãng Tri Province, has created jobs for many local residents during the lunar New Year Festival. — VNA/VNS Photo Thanh Thuy

Since mid-November, many households have started to lớn prepare to make ginger jam to serve the high demands during the important holiday of the Vietnamese people.

The ginger must be fresh, neither be too old nor too young lớn have the distinct spicy flavour. The ginger is peeled và sliced và after being thoroughly boiled with squeezed lemon juice, it is rinsed and mixed with sugar.

The ginger is then stirred with chopsticks over heat until the slices become firm và covered with sugar.

Ginger jam made in My Chanh craft village has been well-known for years. Making it has become a seasonal job that brings money for residents before Tet.

Ngo Van Bach, a resident in My Chanh Village in nhị Chanh Commune, said his family knows Tet is coming when they start making ginger jam.

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Ginger jam, which has lemon juice and salt for cleaning steps instead of addictives, offers a pure spicy and sweet flavour.

Bach said he hired three people khổng lồ make 100 kilogrammes of jam per day. The cost of ginger jam was between VND70,000-75,000 (US$3-3.2) per kilo.

Currently, more than 20 households are making ginger jam in the village, providing about 70 tonnes of jam lớn markets in lose Thien-Hue, domain authority Nang, quang Binh, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Hanoi and hcm City during the holiday.

A business household makes ginger jam in My Chanh Village. 

Vo Thi Tam, a ginger jam-making household business owner in My Chanh Village, said she her family has made ginger jam for more than 30 years.

On average, the business produced about 1.5 tonnes of ginger jam per day, creating jobs for 50 local residents who could earn VND200,000 ($4.3) each daily.

Chairman of hai Chanh Commune’s People’s Committee Bui Van Sinh said due to COVID-19 pandemic, the productivity slightly decreased, but the cost was higher than last year, so it hardly affected the income of business households.

Sinh said the committee always asked business households khổng lồ sign a commitment to lớn ensure food safety and hygiene during their production.

The committee also registered for the trademark of My Chanh ginger jam and prepared khổng lồ bring the products to the supermarkets and food festivals in the future, he said. VNS

Ginger jam makes Tet warm

The ginger ‘jam’ made in Kim Long Ward, Hue City, in the central province of lose Thien-Hue, stands out for its authenticity & absence of additives.