5 reasons parents should flirt in front of the kids


SURE, THEY CAN send an emoji and lượt thích each others Instagrams, but they will never bởi any of this…

1. Throwing notes across the classroom

Nothing beats the thrill of chucking a lưu ý across the classroom as the teacher turns their back.

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So daring, so thrilling, & the beginning of many a teen romance.

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2. Signing in và out of MSN messenger

During the peak noughties MSN phase, every kid made it their business to add their crush on the messenger. Then it was all about racing trang chủ and beginning the process of signing in và out so they would be alerted that you were online, và immediately proclaim their love for you.

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3. Writing to them, then saying sorry, wrong screen

A CLASSIC move, which can still be done lớn this day with Facebook. It was just so more acceptable with a Nudge on MSN, though.

Your hand slipped, ok.

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4. Writing their name in hearts on your school bag và tin pencil case with Tippex

Say it LOUD, say it PROUD.

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5. Making them a phối tape

You would have to lớn spend ages standing by the radio khổng lồ get the songs you wanted khổng lồ add, as well as having the ability to lớn perfectly avoid any voices interrupting the songs.


True dedication.

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6. Writing wb x at the kết thúc of each text

That way they knew you wanted them to lớn reply to you, duh.


7. Leaving them a heart on Bebo

You only had three a day, for God’s sake. This was the equivalent of getting down on one knee.


8. Prank calling their house

It happened all the time. A group would get together, open the phonebook, & try to guess their crush’s parents name and address. “IS JOHN THERE?”

No, because it was the wrong house, again.

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9. Doing FLAMES & sending it khổng lồ them

LOOK, we are 80 percent lovers, khuyến mãi with it Craig.