Learn how to make coconut jam

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(nhatroso.com) - You are listening lớn "Food Delight" on VOV 24/7 -  The show for all you foodish out there.

A: Hello và welcome khổng lồ this week’s edition of VOV 24/7’s“Food delight”. We are A & B, & we are very happy lớn be on the air with you.

B: Hello you guys, hello A. Which food shall we introduce to our listeners today?

A: Well, B. Tet is coming. Và I am thinking of preparing some Coconut Jams. Home-made jam not only shows the skill of housewives but also ensures hygiene và food safety. 

B: Wow, Coconut Jam. That is my favorite dessert. It is the great combination of coconut meat, sugar and milk. My mom often makes this jam to lớn serve to lớn guests visiting my house during Tet. Believe me, this extraordinary jam could beguile even the hardest lớn please guest.

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Home-made jam not only shows the skill of housewives but also ensures hygiene & food safety(Source:emdep.vn)

A: Oh. I can’t wait any longer. Let’s go lớn the kitchen and make this amazing Vietnamese dessert. 

B: The ingredients for this dish are so simple.  You have to prepare coconut meat, trắng sugar, & fresh milk. Don’t forget to add 1 teaspoon of vanilla as well.

A: All the ingredients are now ready. But B, I must tell you that I’ve never ever made Coconut Jam at home. I really want to try but I’m afraid of ……..

A: Ok, ok. You have no need lớn worry because I’ve invited Mrs Nguyen Thuy, who has experience in making Coconut Jam at home. Let’s hear Thuy elaborates on how to perfect the dessert. “You should choose “Banh Te” Coconut, which is neither young nor old. Slice & wash the coconut carefully before cooking. Afterwards, pour all the sliced coconut meat into a bowl, địa chỉ cửa hàng sugar và mix well. Wait about 5 khổng lồ 6 hours for the coconut to lớn absorb the sweetness of the white sugar. When the sliced coconut turns transparent, pour it all into a big pan and cook on a small heat. You should pay close attention & stir frequently until the coconut meat is dried.

A: Oh, B. Now, I think…. It is not as difficult as I thought. With a little patience, a little love, & a little bit of skill, you can absolutely nail this beautiful, wonderful jam lớn serve guests during Tet.  

B: Well, easy, right. You can also showroom fresh milk and 1 teaspoons of vanilla khổng lồ impart the flavor of the jam. The creamy blend of vanilla and milk will melt in your mouth from the first bite. It is so sweet, so amazing.

A: When the jam is cool, pour it into a big basket, spread well & wait 1 day before serving. Finally, your dessert is…

B: Oh, calm down, A. Why finally? Don’t be in such a hurry. Traditional coconut jam just has a simple white color. However, why don’t we try to make something different? For example, five- colored coconut jam.

A:  Five-colored jam….Ah, I got it. I know what you mean. We will use artificial colors to dye the jam.  Blue, purple, red, which màu sắc do you want? 

A: No, A. We will dye the jam, but these five colors that we’re gonna use are taken from leaves, fruits và vegetables. In Vietnam, the number five represents the five elements that created the well-being of heaven, earth và humans, thus the five-colored jam becomes more meaningful during Tet. Thuy will show you how khổng lồ dye the jam.

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“Apart from traditional coconut jam, which is trắng only, we can add colors taken from natural fruits. The yellow is taken from the juice of pineapple or passion fruit, while the red is taken from baby jackfruit or beetroot. Pandan leaves can give the jam the màu sắc of light green, while condensed coffee gives the màu sắc of brown. The purple is taken from the magenta plant or radicchio.”
With a little patience, a little love, and a little bit of skill, you can absolutely nail this beautiful, wonderful jam to serve guests during Tet. (Source: Sendo.vn)

B:  You will need a blender or juicer và a strainer khổng lồ take the colors. All we need to vì chưng now is mix the colors with coconut and cook on a small heat.

A: That’s right. The jam dyed with natural colors easily fades away at a high temperature, so you have to lớn pay close attention khổng lồ the heat khổng lồ bring out the best colors.

B: Finally, your dessert is ready. You can store it in jars and keep for months. The sweetness from the sugar, coconut meat, milk, the good smell of vanilla, coffee, and pandan leaves combine together to bring a stunning dessert.

A: Take New Year’s greetings, giving lucky money, drinking hot tea while enjoying coconut jam in spring’s cold weather is one of the cultural joys of Vietnam. What are you waiting for? Just go khổng lồ the kitchen & make this most wonderful jam to lớn amaze your family & guests. Have fun, you guys. For now, goodbye & see you next time on VOV24/7’s “Food Delight”.