Are you raising nice kids? a harvard psychologist gives 5 ways to raise them to be kind

The article was consulted with Specialist Doctor I Nguyen Thi My Linh - Department of Pediatrics - Neonatology - Danang International General Hospital.

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Raising an adult và human child is what every Vietnamese mother desires, but there are many factors that affect the development of the baby. Therefore, mothers need lớn know the factors that affect the development of children to lớn be able khổng lồ raise them in the best way.
Nutrition is not only a factor affecting a child"s physical development, but also an extremely important factor for a child"s intellectual development through different developmental stages. If your baby has a nutritious diet, it will be the foundation to lớn help him develop when he grows up. If the baby has a poor diet, it is easy khổng lồ suffer from malnutrition, lack of nutrients and when the mother provides too much nutrients for the child, it will make the baby obese, affecting the health of the child. Maternal nutrition during pregnancy also has a direct impact on fetal brain development và the long-term development of young children. If the mother is undernourished during pregnancy, the fetal brain may not develop fully. Nutrition is very important for growth, and if children take in too many calories, growth can be slowed down. However, picky eaters often have a normal growth rate, even though they seem khổng lồ eat very little, because they consume enough calories from their limited food choices. Children who gain too much weight are also often at risk of obesity problems. Overfeeding your baby will not improve growth or health in the long run. According khổng lồ a study done in 2010 and published in The Journal of Nutrition, malnourished children have poorer academic ability than those raised with a well-balanced diet.
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Nutrition not only affects the development of the brain and intellect, but also directly affects the emotional index EQ. Children who are malnourished from a young age are more likely to develop autism, anxiety, and depression. Children"s personality is also related to lớn nutrition, children who are not provided with adequate nutrition in the first two years of life often show signs of shyness, inactivity, less communication và often vị not know how to cốt truyện with others. Adequate nutrition helps children lớn be intelligent: The chất lượng of nourishment or the chất lượng of nutrition (milk) in the first years of life will affect a child"s ability lớn learn later. Many scientific studies show that children who are provided with adequate nutrition during fetal development and early life often have a higher IQ or iron deficiency will be at risk of reduced cognition & achievement in children. School age. In addition, science also proves that children who are provided with adequate nutrition are often more active, have social interaction abilities, are eager khổng lồ learn, and have better cognitive abilities. Therefore, parents should pay attention lớn providing enough nutrients, vitamins, minerals & nutrients for the development of the child"s brain và body.
If the child is developed in a green & healthy environment, the child will have the ability lớn develop optimally physically and mentally, on the contrary, if the child has a bad living environment, it will greatly affect his health, shape the child"s personality and way of thinking. Parents should pay attention lớn the living environment of their children so that they have the opportunity khổng lồ grow up confidently & perfectly.

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Children with chronic diseases are often very slow khổng lồ develop compared khổng lồ other children. There are many factors that make children sick such as limited nutrition, polluted living environment, và infectious diseases. Therefore, mothers should pay attention to lớn taking good care of their children"s health when the weather changes và pay attention lớn vitamin supplements lớn help children increase their resistance to diseases more effectively. In addition, at preschool age, children often suffer from malnutrition, so mothers should choose a milk to help them gain weight well to lớn ensure that your child"s weight is always under control and that he or she does not suffer from malnutrition. Rickets.
Heredity is also an important factor affecting the development of children, if the family has a history of certain diseases, mothers should pay attention lớn taking care of their children & have regular health check-ups khổng lồ detect them in time. Child illnesses.
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During the first three years of life, infants and toddlers often move from one curve to another until they settle into their genetic curve, a phenomenon that pediatricians điện thoại tư vấn "transition." Changes in the growth curve in young children”. Since some babies are born long but have the "short gene", or some babies are born short but carry the "long gene", the transition is quite normal. Most children find their genetic curve by age 2 or 3. It doesn"t matter how tall or short your child is, or average height, as much as his or her growth rate. If your baby is growing along one of the lines (of the growth chart) then it is definitely developing normally.
Children who are lovingly guided & taught by their parents from a young age will help them develop their thoughts and shape their personality better than those who are not cared for và cared for. Therefore, mothers should take the time khổng lồ care and teach their children from a young age so that they have the best foundation for personality development. Those are the factors that have a decisive influence on a child"s development. Hopefully the above sharing will help mothers have more information to raise healthy, smart & mature children every day. Parents should know the important milestones in a child"s life khổng lồ accompany & help their child develop the best. If they notice unusual signs in their child, parents should take their child lớn a reputable medical facility for advice và examination. Parents can take their children to International General Hospital, because this is one of the leading hospitals in the country for examination, diagnosis và treatment of digestive, urinary, và respiratory diseases. Absorption, nutrition, especially in infants và young children. With modern equipment, sterile space, minimizing the impact as well as the risk of disease spread. Along with that is the dedication from the doctors with professional experience with pediatric patients, making the examination no longer a concern of the parents.