Hcm city using thermal foggers to kill mosquitoes


With the successful extraction of citronella essential oil to kill mosquitoes, the student group in Secondary School of Di Che, Di đậy commune (Tien Lu district) including Vu Minh Chau, Vu Long Hai và Le Hong Son (students of class 9A) under the guidance of teacher Bui Thi Thanh Nga (Biology teacher) won the second prize (the highest prize) in the first Hung Yen Youth and Children Creative Contest in 2019.

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Teacher Bui Thi Thanh Nga và student group of Di đậy Secondary School, Di bịt commune (Tien Lu district)

Starting from the desire to take advantage of locally available materials of citronella to lớn produce cheap và safe mosquito-repellent products for people, the students came up with ideas và conducted research: "Essential mosquito repellent extract safe for human health from citronella”.

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The group consulted books, newspapers, practical ways lớn distill alcohol và selected available household tools lớn design citronella distillation equipment. After collecting, citronella will be cleaned & put in a pot with water to distill. After distillation, the condensation of the essential oil is flowing into a collection vessel filled with water, using a pear-shaped hopper khổng lồ separate the essential oil because the oil will float on top.

Thus, to lớn extract citronella essential oil at home, the student only invest in buying tools one time about VND 200,000 (including copper wire, fuel) ...

Citronella oil obtained by this distillation method is pale yellow, spicy, pleasant aroma, capable of killing mosquitoes up lớn 70%, maybe a few drops lớn kill mosquito larvae (larvae of mosquitoes). To know the proportion of citral, a precious ingredient in citronella oil, which has a bactericidal và anti-inflammatory effect, the students sent their citronella oil samples to the Center for Science & Environment for test & its result that the sản phẩm contains 70% citral.

This distillation method has advantages: easy khổng lồ carry out, it can take advantage of medicinal herbs such as citronella & other tools available in the family khổng lồ create effective mosquito-repellent product from nature so it is safe, low cost, suitable for the majority of rural families.

Vu Minh Chau, head of the research group, said: "We are all members of the good student team of Math và Physics at the school & have the same ideas and passion for scientific research, so we gathered in a group to tư vấn each other lớn implement the project "Essential mosquito repellent extract safe for human health from citronella". Taking advantage of không tính phí time và weekends, we discussed and step by step researched & manufactured products. The difficulty that we encountered was that some equipment was not available, so we had to built, tested many times và costly. The contest give us the opportunity to apply what we have learned in practice, we can exchange và learn with friends who have the same passion for science research in the province ".