7 simple diy beauty products to make at home

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Make these simple DIY beauty, makeup, and skincare staples with just a few ingredients you already have in your pantry. This danh mục of over 100 homemade DIY beauty products are simple khổng lồ make, easy on your wallet, và give you that natural glow! Who knew all the ingredients lớn a beautiful you were tucked inside your pantry (hello, coconut oil)!



DIY Dental Care

The secret to lớn DIY dental care – baking soda! Store-bought toothpaste và mouthwash will no longer be required!

DIY Lip Care

Beeswax is the main ingredient in many DIY beauty products for lip care. Add your favorite essential oil to lớn up the flavor profile of your homemade lip care.

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DIY Personal Care

Personal care, most notably deodorant, is one of the best swaps you can make in your DIY beauty cabinet. Safe, non-toxic, and naturally homemade.

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DIY body Care

Did you know your skin absorbs everything you put on it? DIY beauty in the form of toàn thân care is one of the best trang chủ remedies you can vì for your body.


DIY Hair Care

Looking for shiny & voluminous hair? DIY hair care is your best way khổng lồ get there!

DIY Sensual Care

Ahem, yes, DIY sensual care is a thing & it does wonders for a woman’s libido. If you don’t believe me, try it out và see how you feel. Your hubby won’t know what got into you!

How to lớn Get Started withEssential Oils

Want More DIY Recipes?


Check out my bookNatural Beauty Made Simple. It comes with 45 homemade skincare recipes with a mix of printable labels & gift tags. You can tải về it instantly khổng lồ your phone, computer or e-reader, so it’s portable và can go with you anywhere!

Make your own organic beauty and skin care products for less than $25 a month!Learn simple techniques lớn make your own skincare – without the fuss of complicated recipes or hard-to-find ingredientsGet tried-and-true recipes that work to lớn nourish the skin and make it look more radiant than ever beforeCreate beautiful gifts for friends and family with the printable labels và gift tags I’ve included with this book