15 ways to flirt with a girl over text


So you’re are talking to a girl on the phone & you’re wondering how to flirt with her so that you can let her know that you’re interested in her or make her become attracted khổng lồ you.

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But, what is the meaning of flirting?

Flirting means the act of enticing sexual attraction in subtle và playful ways.

Flirting can also mean showing a girl that you find her attractive using subtle and playful ways.

So bro! In this article am going to lớn be highlighting different ways khổng lồ flirt with a girl on the phone that builds instant attraction.

How to Flirt With A Girl On Phone.

Let’s jump right into it.

#1. Speak slowly with a relaxed voice

This helps you come up with a sexy voice that girls love.

Talking fast isn’t sexy. If you aren’t reading the news or hosting a tv show, speaking fast shows that you are feeling nervous và anxious.

You have to lớn speak with a relaxed voice. You can vày this by speaking while breathing slowly.

Or you can start taking long & deep breaths before taking the phone call.

You should pause in between sentences or before saying an important word or sentence.

#2. Speak With A Soft voice.

Your voice tonality should be soft and sexual. Speak lớn the girl whilst feeling comfortable talking khổng lồ her.

You should avoid speaking with a high pitched voice tonality.

Remember you bởi vì not want lớn talk to lớn the girl in a neutral & platonic way.

#3. Playfully Tease Her.

Teasing means sending the girl mixed signals or making fun of the girl in a playful & cocky way.

You can playfully tease the girl in the following ways;

• Pretend lớn misinterpret her statements.

• Exaggerate her statements

• Give ridiculous answers khổng lồ her questions

• Make fun of her mannerisms

• Tease her about her quirks

• Pretend lượt thích you can’t hear what she’s saying and then let her know.

While teasing the girl on phone, you should use a playful voice tonality so that she knows that you were just messing up with her.

Or you can simply just say something like, with a simple laugh, “Am just kidding”.

Teasing a girl will come off easy and effortless if you focus more on amusing yourself.

If you focus on having fun, the girl will take up your fun vibe and everything will go the way you want.

I used lớn mess up talking on the phone with girls because I too focused on getting results.

So I often came off as nervous & this wasn’t sexy. I couldn’t afford teasing girls because I was scared of losing the girl.

It wasn’t until I stopped focusing too much on the outcome and focused more on amusing myself that I started to see some good results.

Often, I didn’t even care when I failed lớn get the results I had hoped for, because I had already had fun.

I had more dates và success with this approach.

Ok, enough with the bragging! (hahaha)….

Let’s move khổng lồ the next point…..

#4. Use implications.

An implication can keep the girl wondering whether you actually lượt thích her or not because you just implied that you lượt thích her.

For example, if she tells you that her passion is travelling, you can say something like….

“I actually find girls who love travelling attractive”.

This can leave the girl thinking….

“Does it mean he likes me?”

Sometimes, you may not want to directly show a girl, especially one who isn’t so attracted to lớn you, that you like her. You may need to lớn keep some mystery.

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#5. Compliment her.

I don’t mean being like “you looked so hot back at the beach” or “your eyes are so xinh tươi that I spent the whole time just thinking about them”.

Well, the girl will say thank you or pretend to lớn feel flattered but you will have lost.


It’s simple dude!

• You have just given the girl total validation. So there is no need for her to lớn keep thinking about you.

• She will have dropped you in the beta male category of all the beta guys who complimented her looks and fell for her so fast.

• You aren’t a challenge.

• You will have killed all the mystery. You will have killed all the urgency. Flirting with girls has to bởi with creating urgency that leads to sexual tension being developed.

• Those compliments aren’t genuine. At least that’s what the girl thinks. You just want khổng lồ impress her.

• Above all, if the girl is hot she will have heard all those compliments about her looks a million times.

Never compliment the girl you’ve just met or who isn’t your girlfriend on her looks.

That’s why you should be very careful with using pick up lines.

Your girlfriend will genuinely feel flattered if you tell her that she has dễ thương eyes or she’s hot.

But a girl you’ve just met will just think that you want to get into her pants.

So what should you do?

Compliment her and follow up the compliment with a question.

Or you can just simply compliment her on something she has put effort into lượt thích her outfit, shoes, accessories.

Even anything other than looks like her passions, attitude & intelligence.

You can say, for example, “You have so much energy và I love that about you. What vì chưng love doing for fun?”

Let me break down such a compliment for a second…

Any compliment like this is better than complimenting her looks because;

• Such a compliment is genuine because by accompanying it with a question, it shows that you are really interested not just trying khổng lồ impress her.

• It gets the girl to prove herself lớn you. She will start lớn qualify herself to lớn you

• It can easily keep the conversation going

What You Need lớn Avoid While Flirting With A Girl During A Phone Call

If you bởi vì the following, you will ruin your chances with the girl

#1. Bởi vì not talk too much on phone.

Remember, most of the important aspects of flirting lượt thích touching the girl and making eye contact can be done only if you meet the girl in person.

So you should limit the time you speak on phone. You have to use phone calls for setting updates or meetups.

If you spend a lot of time engaging in pointless phone calls, the girl will get bored and she will thua attraction.

If she keeps talking to lớn you for long, you might as well kết thúc up in the dreaded friendzone.

#2. Bởi not bởi vì overdo the flirting

Over flirting may make you look lượt thích a try-hard.

You vày not need lớn tease the girl on every statement she says or compliment her every minute on everything và anything.

The reason you are flirting is lớn build some initial rapport & comfort so that you can meet up in person.

I think you are already aware that you can’t get laid or kiss the girl on phone.

Seriously, any serious interaction with a girl will occur in person.

#3. Bởi not try to lớn seek her approval.

This will make you feel nervous.

You can’t flirt with a girl effectively if you are feeling nervous và walking on eggshells around her.

You’ve just met the girl và you are just getting to lớn know her.

So you should focus on the right now and having fun.

One thing I vì chưng so that I vị not feel nervous while talking on the phone is talking while doing something else or even just walking around.

I also speak whatever crosses my mind. This makes me not lớn come off as if I need the girl’s approval.

Besides, talking with a girl on phone isn’t a job interview. There isn’t any need lớn second guess yourself other than enjoying the moment.