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Mosquitoes - a name that brings a lot of trouble not only for humans but also for animals. Because of the passionate affection of mosquitoes, every time people mention that name, people think of a series of diseases caused by mosquitoes such as dengue fever, malaria, jaundice, ... Or milder, the marks burning gay itchy discomfort. At the same time, they apply folk remedies lớn kill mosquitoes such as burning tangerine peels khổng lồ repel mosquitoes, using mosquito net, surfing mosquitoes, using incense khổng lồ repel mosquitoes, ... Countless ways lớn kill them but there is no long term effect. Therefore, instead of applying the above methods, Singaporeans have a different, more modern way of thinking. That is, they study how to create mosquitoes và release millions of them outside. Hearing that, many people must be surprised và wonder, "Why did they vì chưng that?", "Are they crazy?; ...

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But they are not, they are NOT GOING, THEY ARE SO APPLE. For the first time in history, they want to lớn show you the whole fascinating journey of how Singaporeans fight mosquitoes for those who don't know that mosquitoes are not only annoying, but also deadly. Many female mosquitoes contain the dengue virus và also malaria. You can get dengue from a mosquito bite. & in heavy cases, YOU can TU VONG. Between 50 và 500 million people get dengue each year and 10 to trăng tròn people die from mosquito bites.

So if you want to lớn kill dengue, you have to kill all the mosquitoes that contain dengue virut everywhere, but to find them and destroy it is not easy.


"So how vì we block the mosquitoes?"

A team of researchers in Singapore came up with an idea. "What if we stop the mosquitoes from giving birth?"

And that's exactly what they did, they created a new mosquito so strong they could go out into the environment và find all the bad mosquitoes & prevent them from reproducing. In a mosquito breeding room, there are probably hundreds of thousands or even millions of mosquitoes here waiting to be released to lớn the outside world. This sounds so crazy that this mosquito doesn't bite or harm you. If these beneficial mosquitoes fall in love with a bad mosquito then the bad mosquito will no longer be able to lớn breed và there will be no new mosquitoes. They are really SMART. So Singapore created millions of these useful mosquitoes and put them in a mosquito gun và shot them at residential areas, terraces, gardens & all over the place. The good mosquitoes mate with the bad ones & can't reproduce anymore. Soon all the good và bad mosquitoes will die naturally without producing larvae. Someone said that the love of death is not wrong, because that is how Singapore combats dengue virus và the number of mosquitoes containing dengue virus has decreased dramatically by more than 90% and saved many residents from danger viral infection. This clever method has been so successful that they are about to xuất hiện a mosquito factory in Singapore just lớn fight dengue fever, which is so advanced that it can produce tens of thousands of good mosquitoes. Every day everyone needs to see this & the world's greatest problems that can be overcome.

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That'sa good idea,But that process to apply in life is not easy, it takes a long time & full of difficulties. So khổng lồ shorten the time & get higher efficiency, you useinsect control servicefor us-Surely you will be satisfied.

► The nhatroso.com service uses chemicals that are absolutely safe for human health, certified by the Ministry of Health. Chemical spray mosquito include: Aqua Resigen, Pekaper 50EC, Sumithrin 10 SEC, Permetrhin UK 50EC. Besides, depending on the area & the situation of mosquitoes, we apply different spray methods

Smoke spray: apply to public areas, outside.Residual spray: applies khổng lồ inside area. Use drugs with emulsion properties, spray on walls, nooks & crannies. When the mosquito flies tired of its wings, it will park 1 point và be suppressed by the residual medicine. They bởi not die immediately but are "drugged", slowly die from paralysis of the vertebrae.ULV misting: applies khổng lồ interior areas. Using an oily substance, mosquitoes will die faster than residual spray. However, the retention time of the drug is short, it has the effect of killing mosquitoes in a shorter time than the survival method.

nhatroso.com VIETNAM CO., LTD was established, with the management apparatus and technical staff kept intact. Joining nhatroso.com Malaysia with more than 30 years of experience is a great opportunity for us to lớn acquire extensive knowledge and ability to adapt lớn all insect situations và diverse requirements of our customers.Head office inMalaysia:9, Jalan Teratai 1/2e, Taman Bukit Teratai, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia