Living in vietnam for foreigners



Due to lớn a government backed scheme khổng lồ upgrage English language proficiency across the country, Vietnam has seen a boom in ESL teaching jobs in recent years. Additionally having the comfort of teaching positions, Vietnam also offers a best set of cosmopolitan cities, relaxed beach resorts, & profuse tropical countryside.

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The simple way of life is another purpose why an increasing number of teachers are deciding khổng lồ move here, especially those who are used lớn working in other Asian countries with a more solid approach to lớn life and work such as South Korea, China, & Japan. With so much in its direction it is no surprise that Vietnam is presently one of the rapidly growing destinations in the world for teaching English abroad.

Although the average salary for foreign teachers in Vietnam is less than in some other Asian countries, the cost of living is too low so you can suppose to lớn live a comfortable lifestyle and still save a significant amount of your salary every month. A room in a best chất lượng shared residence costs between $150 và $250 USD per month, while local food is very cheap averaging around $2 per meal. Your monthly outgoings will hugely depend on the type of arrangements you select, how much you travel, & how often you eat and drink at western style bars & restaurants, but a figure of $500 khổng lồ $700 USD per month would be normal.

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