How to pair jbl go bluetooth speaker to iphone 8


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bởi you want to boost your voice in the public, or love to lớn sing karaoke? If you have a portable công nghệ bluetooth không dây speaker, this phầm mềm is a must have for your iPhone / iPad.Bluetooth Loudspeaker is an app to amplify your voice output to your wireless connected công nghệ bluetooth speaker.

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That is, your iPhone becomes the microphone and the bluetooth speaker becomes a remote loudspeaker within 10 meters distance. As this tiện ích can run at background, user can play mp3 music và sing karaoke at the same time.What can you bởi with a microphone và remote loudspeaker? Who needs this mic và remote loudspeaker? Some examples are:- sing karaoke at trang chủ or anywhere,- teaching in a classroom or lecture room,- street performance, live show,- speaker in a large conference room,- garage sale, outdoor sale, pop-up store sale, or other sales promotion,- tour guide at the hot spot,- fan hâm mộ of a sport team, who sing loud to support the favourite sport team in the stadium,- outdoor activities,- works as volume booster or megaphone for your speech,- beach party, birthday party, exhibitions, celebrations & many more cases.With this app, you have a wireless microphone on your hand!Read me first:1. User must connect to a bluetooth speaker when using this app for voice output. Bởi NOT choose device internal speaker, as there will be some unwanted echo noise.2. This ứng dụng will NOT công nghệ bluetooth or airplay connect khổng lồ your remote speaker. User has to manually connect khổng lồ the speaker first (through Settings > Bluetooth). Then mở cửa this app.3.

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When using this phầm mềm to đầu ra voice to connected công nghệ bluetooth không dây speaker, user can put this tiện ích as background job & run another music tiện ích such as táo khuyết Music (or any music app). To stop, go back khổng lồ this app và tap the stop button.4. This tiện ích does NOT support wired headset / tai nghe or bluetooth không dây headset or line-out.5. This app does not download or play online mp3 music or video.6. Remember to turn device đầu ra volume lớn about 80-90% maximum (at top right icon), và mic gain khổng lồ about 40-50% (at bottom slide bar).7. Some máy tính bảng ipad mic is located on đứng đầu of the device, while most iPhone default mic is at the bottom.From game ios 14 và on, there will be an ads tracking dialog popup once, which is required for new game ios user privacy purpose. We vì chưng not collect any data from user or device. Feel không tính phí to liên hệ our e-mail support.