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Signs of mosquito infestation

a) Signs of mosquitoes.

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Detecting quickly signs of mosquito infiltration & early finding the correct treatment is very important, decisive to 70% effective in eradicating mosquitoes. Watch your trang chủ and don"t ignore any of the following signs:


In some cases, the signs of mosquitoes are not really clear and should be ignored by many homeowners or confused with other insects. The subjectivity as well as choosing the wrong method khổng lồ kill mosquitoes not only does not kill all mosquitoes but also negatively affects the health of family members.

b) Damage caused by mosquitoes

Vietnam is a tropical country with a hot và humid climate, many trees, lakes và streams, unhygienic habits, environmental pollution ... Fully converging all favorable conditions for mosquito growth & development. In addition to the nuisance that causes life, the most negative harms from mosquitoes are infectious diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever ... That directly affect the health and lives of children. People.

Mosquito killer products on the market are very popular now. You can easily buy a mosquito repellant that is advertised as effective in any supermarket or grocery store. However, not everyone has enough knowledge và experience to choose & use correctly lớn bring high efficiency. Not khổng lồ mention using the wrong dosage or buying the wrong counterfeit goods, the fake & poor unique products cause poisoning, harm the health of members in the house & the surrounding environment. To ensure family safety and high effectiveness of mosquito control, immediately tương tác Hanoi Pest Control"s professional mosquito control service.

Why is Hanoi Pest Control’s mosquito control service?

Getting rid of mosquitoes is really not a job for the inexperienced. Nearly đôi mươi years of operation, building a solid reputation in the professional mosquito và insect control industry, allows us lớn be proud lớn be one of the few leading mosquito repellent companies on the market. For many years, corporations, large and small business agencies (Vingroup, Government guest house, A25 hotel chain, tuy nhiên Duong restaurant ...) và millions of households across the country have trusted to lớn choose. Trust, assign full responsibility lớn protect health and safety from the harm caused by mosquitoes.

Two factors determine service quality: HUMANTECHNOLOGY. The technical team is the staff who stick with & accompany the company during the development process, directly handling mosquitoes at home, where each house has different numbers and densities of mosquitoes. Diverse processing methods, they equip themselves with all the necessary knowledge, seasoned experience, combine high skills, are well trained, a sense of responsibility is committed lớn providing perfect service. Lớn the absolute satisfaction of customers.

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On the other hand, technology is an indispensable factor to support people. Recognizing the continuous development of science and technology, focusing on investment in renovating equipment, grasping modern mosquito control technologies from developed countries in the world such as Germany, Japan... Are given đứng đầu priority by the management of the company. Not only for profit, all services provided by Hanoi Pest Control are oriented towards the value received by the customers and the satisfaction of customers when coming to us.


Customer value


Effective methods of controlling mosquitoes

- Spraying:

This is the most effective method and it is recommended by the Ministry of Health khổng lồ use in mosquito control and dengue prevention in the country. Based on the actual situation of the customer, the technician will choose the suitable spraying method: residual spray, hot spray...Use specialized machines that allow technicians to lớn get rid of mosquitoes, kill every corner of mosquitoes that reside, achieve the highest capacity, save time. Mosquito-killing chemicals used to lớn spray are licensed for circulation, highly effective in killing many types of mosquitoes, including larvae, while ensuring safety, not affecting health, and lasting from 4 lớn 6 months.


- Mosquito killer lamps:

Combining the use of Mosquito killer lamps with common mosquito control methods in families, especially families with young children, contributes to more comprehensive and effective mosquito control. Advantages of Mosquito Killer lamps you should know:

Very convenient in common living areas: living room, kitchen ...Safe to lớn use because the power nguồn is very small, does not use chemicals, so it is safe for healthDiversity of models, types, capacity, suitable for use in households or industries, offices ...


- Mosquito net door:

Currently, Hanoi Pest Control has received and installed Japanese Metaco mosquito net doors, which are very useful in preventing and limiting the infiltration of mosquitoes from the outside. The beautiful, modern và convenient thiết kế makes screen doors become the preferred choice of many villas, resorts and apartments.

- Consulting solutions for cleaning, repairing hardware structures, preventing the risk of mosquito attack in the future.

The customers using nhatroso.com"s mosquito control service are very diverse:

Killing mosquitoes at home for households, apartments, villasKilling mosquitoes for restaurants, hotels, resorts, resortsMosquito repellent for government agencies, officesKilling mosquitoes for production establishments, factories, goods warehouses