Vietjet air a320 cadet line training program

VietjetCaption: Mr. LUONG THE Phuc (Vietjet VP of Training), Mr. NGUYEN THANH Long (Trainee), Mr. William TAUZIN (General Manager AVTC), Captain Jean-Philippe ROUSSEAU (Head of Flight Training AVTC), Mr. TRIEU TRUONG Giang (Trainee), Mr. TRAN HUU Quoc - Ryan (Director of VJAA).

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The Airbus Vietnam Training Centre (AVTC) has received regulatory approvals by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) và the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for the provision of A320 Type Rating courses.

AVTC owns two A320 Full Flight Simulators and two A320 Flight Training Devices, which are located at the Vietjet Aviation Academy (VJAA) in Ho đưa ra Minh City & are operated by Airbus & Vietjet.

The facilities are used primarily by Vietjet for recurrent và instructor training. AVTC has plans khổng lồ install a third simulator lớn meet Vietjet’s increasing pilot training needs.

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Each A320 Type Rating course run will last over a six-week period và AVTC expects khổng lồ train up to lớn eight pilots each month.

William Tauzin, General Manager of AVTC said “we are here lớn meet Vietjet’s pilot training needs. After being granted all the necessary regulatory approvals by both the CAAV & the EASA, AVTC is passing an important milestone. We are pleased to support Vietjet as it continues lớn invest in its future through the latest training services.”

Luong The Phuc, Vietjet Vice President of Training said the airline “congratulates AVTC on receiving these important regulatory approvals. VJAA is a comprehensive training facility lớn train pilots, cabin crew, engineers, & aviation staff, for not only Vietjet but also our regional peers.

“Besides the simulators & flight training devices from Airbus, VJAA is also equipped with cabin simulators, emergency training facilities, & Olympic-standard wave pools. Vietjet is glad lớn continue our close partnership with Airbus in further investing in the most modern & advanced training devices to lớn meet the development demands of Vietjet and others in the future.”

Housed within the Vietjet Training Academy in Ho đưa ra Minh City, the Airbus-managed AVTC was established in October 2018 under an agreement between Airbus and Vietjet. Airbus brings its processes, tools, và expertise khổng lồ provide state-of-the-art training devices as well as its internationally recognized course content.

Besides A320 Type Rating training, AVTC also provides other flight training services, such as instructor courses.