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If you’ve been to lớn the blog before, you know I’m a huge tín đồ of vocabulary instruction. I believe vocabulary is an intricate part of reading comprehension and an area of instruction that we simply can’t afford khổng lồ skip. Vocabulary assessment is a key component to solid instruction.

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Today, I’m talking all about assessment. I’ll nói qua the ways that I assess vocabulary instruction with my third graders. I’ll also chia sẻ some simple things you can vì chưng in your classroom to ensure your students are really learning the vocabulary words you’ve been working on.

When vì chưng you assess vocabulary instruction?

In my classroom, I follow a structured vocabulary routine that you can read about here. I always save my assessment for Friday. This ensures students have had enough time lớn work with the words during the week.

I copy their vocabulary assessment on the back of the paper I use for their Words their Way weekly assessment. This saves me time. Students can flip over to lớn the back và get to lớn work as soon as we finish our weekly spelling test.

Things khổng lồ include on the vocabulary assessment:

Synonyms & Antonyms:

This is the most common và natural way students will see vocabulary words in their independent reading time. Synonyms & antonyms are often undervalued but are so important. The human brain loves to lớn build connections between new và old information. Often, when we begin to lớn study synonyms & antonyms, we will mô tả words that students are familiar with. That helps them connect the new vocabulary word khổng lồ a word they already know, which will solidify the knowledge in their brains.

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I spend a lot of time at the beginning of the year teaching my students the definitions of synonym & antonyms so they won’t get those words confused. We also use them weekly in my classroom và students become very familiar with those terms.

So often on assessments, I’ll simply ask “What is a synonym for ________?”


Fill in the Blank:

Can students recognize the context that best fits the meaning of the vocabulary word? Be very selective about the sentences you choose. They should lend themselves khổng lồ only ONE of the words, but also not be easy that it’s a dead giveaway.

Quick Definitions:

Lastly, the most straightforward way is to simply ask: “What is the meaning of ________?” I don’t use this on every single question, but I vị use it often on my assessments. It’s straight to lớn the point! I think my students can appreciate that as well!

Vocabulary Assessment Made Easy

Who here is a tín đồ of shortcuts? I know I am! I’ve taught third grade for 12 years now, so I’m all about simplifying my processes lớn make my lesson planning easier.

I’ve got something for you that can make vocabulary lesson planning a breeze, & help you get back some of that precious planning time.

I mean, who wouldn’t want their ENTIRE year of vocabulary instruction planned out for them?

I’m talking word lists (GOOD word lists), engaging activities, printables, digital activities, trang web links, & assessments.


I’ve got the perfect vocabulary resource khổng lồ introduce your students to lớn 180 tier-2 vocabulary words during the upcoming school year!