How To Get Rid Of Gnats

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Dengue fever 2019 is having a strong outbreak & mosquitoes are the insects that are able lớn spread the disease quickly. If you don"t want lớn be "visited" by dengue fever, in addition to learning the knowledge about this disease and proactively preventing it, it is also necessary to lớn take measures to kill mosquitoes thoroughly and eliminate mosquito habitats.
Dengue fever is a disease caused by the Dengue virus, which can spread quickly if bitten by an infected mosquito. Dengue fever can occur all year round and there is a sharp increase in the rainy season. Anyone, including children and adults, is at risk. Manifestations of Dengue hemorrhagic fever are very diverse, depending on each specific case, the disease progresses rapidly and can cause complications such as shock, bleeding, multi-organ failure and rapid death. Up khổng lồ now, the world has not found a drug that can specifically treat dengue fever, so the prevention of Dengue hemorrhagic fever needs to lớn be taken seriously.
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Mosquito bite is the fastest way to lớn spread dengue fever, for dengue fever prevention lớn be effective, it is first necessary to have a specific mosquito eradication strategy, not only concentrated in epidemic hotspots. That even the neighboring areas need khổng lồ deploy, & at the same time step up the implementation of environmental sanitation activities, kill larva, spray insecticide at outbreaks and places at risk. In addition, organizing propaganda sessions on dengue prevention và control, eradicating mosquitos, strengthening inspection, supervision & urging on dengue epidemic prevention and control, preventing disease outbreaks & spread.
Mosquitoes are insects that live in dark, humid places, so thinking that mosquitoes can transmit diseases only appear in stagnant ponds and standing water is completely wrong, this can make the destruction of mosquitoes completely wrong. Mosquitoes fail. In fact, midges can reside anywhere such as water tanks, flower vases with water, water on the altar, rockeries, rainwater, wardrobes, kitchen corners, house corners... Therefore to lớn To kill mosquitoes, it is necessary to lớn pay attention khổng lồ change the water regularly, clean things in the house và absolutely bởi not store water. In addition, spraying can be carried out lớn kill mosquitoes, must be sprayed in all corners of the house to prevent mosquitoes from moving from one place to another. The best time to lớn spray insecticides is in the early morning or evening because then they are most active. One thing to lưu ý when spraying insecticides in an outbreak is that it is necessary to conduct a general & simultaneous spraying to have a thorough effect.
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To prevent dengue fever 2019, each person needs lớn actively take measures such as: Should sleep under a mosquito net and wear long-sleeved clothes. Carefully protect people with dengue fever, avoid mosquito bites because they will spread the disease to others. Use all measures to kill mosquitoes & larvae. Use lids on water containers to lớn prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs. Clean house và water containers weekly. Destroying waste items such as bottles, jars, debris, tires, bamboo niches... International General Hospital is one of the hospitals that not only ensures professional unique with a team of doctors & nurses. Industry leading, modern technological equipment system, but also outstanding with comprehensive & professional medical examination, consulting and treatment services; civilized, polite, safe & sterile medical examination and treatment space.

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